Lean works, and it will impact every single fiber of your organization’s operational fabric. It will be woven into your quality, productivity, service, customer satisfaction, safety, growth, and financial processes. Lean is not people dependent, it is process dependent, built upon standards and consistency. It exposes waste and promotes value, enabling you to realize capacity and capabilities you never knew existed. 

Jay Hodge is the author of The Lean Treasure Chest and has spent his 25-year career in Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain, Healthcare, and Operational Excellence. He started by serving in the United States Marine Corps, and he grew professionally as his career progressed from front-line supervision to executive-level roles as Vice President at organizations like Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Caterpillar, KIK Industries, Hol-Mac Corporation, and Tenet Healthcare. Jay is a published author and accomplished public speaker who is able to drive cultural change throughout an organization from the A-Suite to the floor level. His experiences range from the implementation of effective management systems, Strategy Development and Deployment, Leadership Development, focused areas of improvement in operations, and the facilitation of problem-solving Kaizen Events.


During this interview, Jay and I discuss the following topics:

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