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Hey there! I'm Scott and I'm on a mission to rid the world of HORRIBLE bosses by helping people become leaders instead! 

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LIFTing your Leadership in 2023 | Faisal Hoque | Episode 247

LIFTing your Leadership in 2023 | Faisal Hoque

In a world roiled by unprecedented change, effective leadership is becoming even more essential. No single approach will provide the ultimate solution to the challenges that change poses. Rather, it will be a confluence of ideas, strategies, and actions that will prove effective in managing and making the most of sweeping change. The world that existed yesterday will be decidedly different from that of tomorrow. It will take a complete and adaptable toolkit to cope effectively with that ongoing cycle of reinvention.

How to Keep the Mindset of Goal Setting and Achievement | Carla Fowler | episode 246

How to Keep the Mindset of Goal Setting and Achievement | Carla Fowler

It is not uncommon for many of us to set lofty goals and make ambitious New Year’s resolutions at the start of every year. However, unfortunately, those resolutions are often doomed from the outset, as our expectations can be too difficult to live up to. Research has demonstrated that only 9% of us are actually successful in keeping their New Year’s resolutions and a staggering 81% quit before the second year even concludes. Shockingly, most people give up on their goals by February, achieving virtually nothing in the process. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If we look beyond our traditional approaches and focus tenaciously on creating a new mindset towards goal setting, then we can defy probability and establish goals that will stay with us all throughout the year.

Dealing with the Home / Work Split | Episode 245

Dealing with the Home / Work Split

As a leader, it’s essential to recognize that people don’t leave their work issues at home nor do they leave personal issues at work. Instead, they bring these two lives together in a way some might refer to as “integrated life strategy.” Employees can’t afford to be distracted by personal worries while on the job and employees need comfort of family and friends after a rough day at work. Without the ability to let both work and home life blossom, employees often feel unhappy and unproductive.


8 Morning Habits for Leaders to Achieve Peak Performance

8 Morning Habits for Leaders to Achieve Peak Performance

Experts have long said that morning habits and routines are a pathway to achieving peak performance. If you study the great leaders of our time and those of before, a solid morning routine stands out as a common dominator. However, as of late the morning routine has been under attack from all forms of distractions and other things wanting to steal your limited time but more importantly your focus. 

The following are 8 morning habits for leaders to achieve peak performance by incorporating into their morning. 


5 Leadership Books To Read in 2022

As the old saying goes, “leaders are readers.” And this author is that for one. As leaders we are constantly trying to improve our skills across our three domains of leadership – Leading Yourself, Leading Your Team, and Leading Your Organization. No doubt that as a leader who is continually trying to continually update your skills you are looking for books and other resources to read and learn from. Well here are 5 different leadership books across the three domains for you to buy and read to your heart’s desire.

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Hey there! I'm Scott McCarthy, a Senior Canadian Army Officer (Lieutenant-Colonel) and most importantly a passionate individual to leading others. I've spent well over 20 years leading soldiers and now I want to take my experience and help you. 


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