They Say the Top is the Loneliest Place,
It Doesn't Have to Be.

Loneliness. Doubt. Imposter syndrome. No peer group for support. A supervisor who is not accessible. Relentless time drains. Confusion about priorities. Fear of failure.

Leaders battle these struggles every day. These struggles can lead to unfocused action, wasted resources, poor decision making, and feelings of overwhelm. Faced with these struggles, it’s no wonder why so many leaders burn out to resort to anger in their methods.

This difficult terrain is all part of the leadership journey. It’ll never be easy. Success will never be guaranteed. But the probability of leading your team and organizing to success can be dramatically improved by joining forces with others who share your value system and a common goal. 



The Leader Growth Mastermind was designed to help leaders like you sharpen your skills. Members focus on developing themselves first which empowers them with the tools needed to strengthen their teams and organization. As member of this elite mastermind group, you’ll have access to all the tools, resources and connections you’ll need to excel in your business and beyond.

Meet Your Chief Leadership Officer

Canadian Army officer with decades of experience of leading in high-stress environments, Scott McCarthy is here to help you succeed. 

They Say the Top is the Loneliest Place,
It Doesn't Have to Be.

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Progress not Perfection

Scott believes that leadership is a journey and with that it cannot be perfected but rather we continue to progress.

What's Included

Being a member of Leader Growth Mastermind has a number of benefits. Here are just a few which you will experience as an active member:

Weekly Group Calls

We meet on a weekly basis to discuss the topic of the week along with the leadership challenges we are currently struggling with.

Privacy First

A privacy-first attitude toward all current and future aspects of the community.


Relationship building opportunities with like-minded leaders that can yield solutions to problems, lead to prosperous partnerships, and establish friendships.

Immediate Access

First access to new content, guest speakers and other offerings from Moving Forward Leadership.

Curated Content

Weekly specific content delievered directly to you. This content cycles through the three domains of leadership each month to ensure you grow as a well-rounded leader.

Focused Environment

A focused environment to accelerate learning and networking due to the absence of fluff content, noisy discussion channels, and immature members.

What People Are Saying

Frequently Asked Question

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Our new member pricing is $49/month or $490/year (2 months free). Members can cancel their membership at any time. 

Courses have start and end dates with varying levels of support throughout. This is about being on the journey as a leader with a support team with you every step of the way. 

As leadership is an never-ending journey, neither does this mastermind. You can stay as long as you want as there are no start nor end dates.

Yes, absolutely! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your membership for any reason, let us know within the first 30 days of membership and we will refund your payment.

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