Reports of scandals continue to rock both public and private sectors. Nearly one in four employees report witnessing unethical behavior in their workplace. Such actions leave long-lasting impressions internally across the organization and externally across the public at large — damaging not only any influence the bad actors have, but — often unwittingly — that of their teams. It’s time to rethink the adage “there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.’” Actually, the “I” represents influence, which all team members must embrace if they want their team to excel. Some would go so far as to say that influence is the most important facet of one’s personal and professional life. The influence even small actions have will create a ripple effect. Knowing this, we become more consciously aware of the influence we wish to project, which helps us to become the best version of ourselves and, by association, leads to the success of our teams. 

Meet Brian

Brian began his career as an accountant but did not enjoy public accounting. After a short term at a big 6 accounting firm, he started Business Accounting Solutions in 1988, which he later sold to Cornerstone Consulting Group. Recognizing the need many small businesses had for sound management advice, Brian went on to start Individual Advantages, LLC, which was later rebranded DBA IA Business Advisors in 2015, as a think tank to develop customized, yet affordable, management solutions driven by our focus on people, process, and technology.

Since 1988, Brian has helped over 18,000 business owners and managers on all seven continents (yes, Antarctica, too). Coming from companies of all sizes, he has helped them make decisions to help them grow personally and as an organization. He has a PhD in organizational psychology, a master’s degree in management information systems, a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and is a certified Six Sigma master black belt consultant.

Timestamped Overview

During this interview Brian and I discuss the following topics:

  • Why he went to Antarticia 
  • WHy leaders should be the “I” in the team
  • Why being influential as a leader is important
  • Why SMART Goals are not the end all
  • Why understanding your role is crucial
  • Delegate like a pro
  • Why knowing your people is important to avoiding failures
  • Strategies to find time to be better prepared as a leader
  • Tactics to influence culture change in an organization
  • How leaders can can slow down

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