Culture Fix | Colin Ellis | Episode 109

A cultural evolution is a complex undertaking and isn’t something you hire a consultant to lead or that you purchase off the shelf. If people within the organization don’t believe in the culture change, aren’t involved in it or simply don’t understand it, it will fail. Leaders need to prepare their organization for cultural evolution […]

The Leadership Killer | US Navy SEAL John Havlik | Episode 108

Bad-boss behavior stems from all-too-common leadership tendencies we carry within us: hubris, arrogance, and a proclivity to abuse power. Let them go unchecked for too long, and your reign as a leader is toast. In a world where leadership seems to be about who’s the loudest and most outlandish, we’re all one step away from […]

Embracing the Warrior’s Edge | Jannell MacAulay | Episode 104

All leaders need an edge to be at the top of their performance. If we leaders fail, so do our teams and organizations. Sometimes we need to seek out help in getting that edge and at times that edge comes from those who are trained to the highest standards. Dr Jannell MacAulay is a combat […]

Leading Into the Future | Diana Wu David | Episode 92

As leaders we need to prepare for the future the best we can. It’s impossible to foresee events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 2008 financial crisis, or even a key person leaving the organization but we can develop the skill sets to adapt, adjust, and overcome to ensure the impact is minimal. Leading […]

Lead True with Mindfulness | Ora Nadrich | Episode 87

Leaders need to be true to themselves, their organizations and most importantly to their people. Today, with the intense pace of daily activities, obligations, and the never-ending stream of information through social media, it is difficult to remain focused and mindful of our actions and surroundings. Losing touch with reality and the world can leave […]

Achieving High Consistent Elite Performance | Matt Comand | Episode 86

Elite performance out of our people and teams are things of which leaders dream of. Whenever we think of the world’s leading organizations such as Google, Tesla, and Cisco we think of the output that their people create for their organization. This output is simply not wished, but it is generated through the hard work […]

Mastering Servant Leadership with Art Barter – Episode 58

Servant leadership is a hot topic as of late but the ideology is not truly new. Essentially, servant leaders place their people and organizations first and themselves last. In the Canadian Army, we have the ideology of – Mission, Troops, Self. Which is essentially servant leadership. But still, when I learned about today’s guest I knew […]

Surviving Leader Burnout with Michael Levitt – Episode 57

Leader burnout is a real and dangerous problem. As more is expected of us leaders the greater the risk of it occurring. Frankly, everyone is susceptible to burnout. In fact, I have experienced burnout myself on a number of occasions. However, I was able to rebound, collect myself, and get back to business. Burnout can […]

Leading with your Mind featuring Silk Celia – Episode 55

Decision making is a cornerstone of leadership. Decisions are why leaders exist… decisions day in day out. To be an effective leader, your decision-making skills must be top-tier. Decisions, however, are tied to your mind and how you think. If you are able to maximize your mental strength through the use of your unconscious mind then decisions […]

Develop the Mindset of a Navy SEAL | Mark Divine | Episode 54

Develop the Mindset of a Navy SEAL | Mark Divine | Episode 54

Mindset is everything. It’s a common expression which can be heard in fitness gyms, sports teams, and even sales teams. But mindset is crucial for everyone. To be a leader, you have to have the mindset that you are a leader. You are worthy of leading, you have a vision which will take your organization […]