The burden of command can place a huge kink in your leadership journey. It will affect every aspect of your life and not just your team. Furthermore, this is not just a military phenomenon but rather one for all leaders everywhere. Therefore, it’s critical for all leaders to understand the burden of command and know how to overcome it.

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During this episode I discuss:

  • What the burden of command is
  • The affects it has on leaders
  • How to overcome the burden of command for all leaders
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The following is an AI generated transcript which should be used for reference purposes only. It has not been verified or edited to reflect what was actually said in the podcast episode. 


On episode, one ninety one of the peak performance leadership- podcast- I go so again and this time when we talk about how you can overcome the burden of command, that’s right! Folks, it’s connor, although your mental health. Today I ready for this all right. Let’s do it!00:01:17

SpeakerYes, welcome back when, in all it’s so good to be here and speaking to you and speaking, do solo, definitely enjoying the soul of things, and you don’t want kind of wondering. Are you missing the monday leadership minute? Let me know: okay, stop doing it a while ago,00:01:36

Speakerand I miss doing those too and if you’d listener of their wants them back, because you thought they are awesome and they got you pumped for the week. Then let me know- and you know what I can help you out and get those rolling again-00:01:51

Speakerah, but first off once they thank you to to listeners out of their reach out to me went last week when hey scott, but the hack, you missed the episode. Where is our episode? Think of reaching out my apologies? I had a little family thing pop up that we had to go: take care of back home back behind the mike00:02:11

Speakerback in routine and going to do you all a solid fearlessness, real time, I’m actually going to catch up going to catch up. This week’s poll this week,00:02:23

Speakeras in the middle of november, the seventeenth to the nineteenth of november to drop two episodes for you.00:02:30

SpeakerThis one right now should have been last week and then on friday, you’re gonna get next week’s episode and guess what ask me all the communication and language, and that is a topic that has been requested by udall lister. I don’t know how many times so it’s coming, but t a lot00:02:50

Speakerwith different, and this has been inspired little bit by another podcast out there that I listen to so thanks dave dave, jackson, school podcasting to give near shut up.00:03:04

SpeakerHe you can inspired this one and we were stuck with the burden of command and oh fork, humming it today00:03:11

Speakerand like scott. What the heck is the burden of command anyway. Well, let’s dive in, shall we say burden of command? Is it’s a military term and basically that kind of inner burden us as leaders us commanders and when can commanding that I have ah00:03:31

Speakermyself from the strains and stresses of being in church and that is taking care of your people in owning their mistakes and owning their welfares and ultimately, ultima00:03:52

Speakerlay their problems becoming your problems because, as a leader, the performance of your team00:03:59

Speakerdepends on how well they can get past life’s obstacles and how well they can mitigate these things and a performance of your organization depends on how well your team performs right. So this is why, as a military leader00:04:19

Speakeror we often refer to the burden of command, having all these strains and stresses of everyone else that you lead in on, you now00:04:32

Speakerearlier said that yeah you’re people’s problems become your problems. Now. Do I mean that you have to go and solve their problems for them? No, but it does have an impact there. You have to do something. So if someone has a financial issue, you’ll have to go on sit down with them and say: oh00:04:52

Speakerokay, let’s do a budget but hey! Maybe you do especially if this is like a super junior person who never learn how to manage your money at home and they’re brand new they’re just out in life, and they don’t understand money management maybe do have to sit down and down and showed them how to balance a budget.00:05:11

SpeakerBut what I mean is that you can’t kneel go to the bank relocate we’re. Gonna pay off this debt right now,00:05:17

Speakernot to that level. But what are other solutions out there in this example that you, as the leader, can help them and provide for them? Maybe they can become, you know, can do overtime or they could do extra work, or maybe you can recommend them for a task it’s00:05:37

Speakeroutside somewhere, where they get a lulu extra pair benefits, or maybe you provide them with the flexibility to go to the bank and sit with the bank manager and figure out a plan, and this is where you say I want you to go sit with a financial planner come back and come. Let me know that you, I don’t need the nitty gritty details, but what a knee00:05:57

Speakerneed do know is that you have a plan. That’s what I mean by their problems, become your problems. Are you not looking to fix the problems, but the same time? You have to worry about it, because if you don’t then, like I said it’s going to drag your team down which drags your organization down now00:06:18

Speakera lot of people out there say the easy button is: do math fire them right. If they’re dragging you down or placing the burden on, you then get rid of them, but really is that the best way to go forward, we’re in the great resignation right now we have people they’re, leaving left right and centre for any reason, their job openings everywhere.00:06:38

SpeakerDo you really want to fire people just turn around and have to find someone else to hire behind them? Can you really find someone quick enough that has great skill sets and sadder,00:06:51

Speakerprobably not so again, this goes back to the burden of command, taking those problems on owning them as if they’re yours, but same time, empowering people just get on with their wife and sorted out. So let’s talk about some of the facts that the burden of command can00:07:12

Speakerand slash will have in the first one is burn out. You’re worried about operations are worried about the processes of your organization word, but the bottom line most likely whatever that bottom one looks like right. You worried about the other people, and also you have this person shows up to your door and says: hey boss, I’m about to be in financial ruin. I don’t know what to do. I’m stressed00:07:32

Speakernote. This is why missing deadlines right now. This is why I’m not keeping up this is why I’ve made these mistakes missed, that meeting, etc.00:07:39

SpeakerSo suddenly you’re working on that on your plate and trying to figure out. How can you help this person support this person but at the same time, keep all the balls up and running? That’s gonna increase your stress that could make you distracted, ultimately what it can boil down to.00:07:59

SpeakerWho is you having your own potential mental health problems right? You can get stressed out. There are some senior military leaders out there who have such high levels of burden of command that old.00:08:19

SpeakerUltimately, they have post traumatic stress disorder from them00:08:24

Speakerbecause of the amount of stress has been placed on them through this through their people’s problems through making sure that they’re young they’re effective in their jobs, making sure that they’re doing their task, making sure that everything was good to go, putting people in harm’s way, which I know the listers of their many view. There are melting00:08:44

Speakercloser that they’re, so does does, does apply to you, young that does apply, but many other listeners that doesn’t apply to you, but the moral. The stories. This is that you have people you’re putting them in situations where it may not be the best, and ultimately, it does place stressed on us. So the moral stories you care00:09:04

Speakercan have mental health issues from it,00:09:09

Speakerbut hey00:09:11

Speakerwhen be a podcast for their solutions right specially one where I’m beyond the mike’s solo. So let’s talk about how now how we can counter act, an old we overcome that burden of command, and the first thing is: you need to leave yours00:09:30

Speakerself right. That’s the first frickin domain of leadership led your self. So what do you need to do? You need to reduce that stress need to take the breaks you need to take vacations and get away from the office. That’s is a dump it onto your deputy, your ear and secondhand charge,00:09:51

Speakerour command or whatever your assistant,00:09:54

Speakerbut rather for you to clear your head get away and that we as simple as walking. Why for lunch? I personally right now enjoy getting out of my building and going for coffee or lunch time. Why? Because it gets me away from the computer, gets away from the environment away from everyone, not that I don’t like my team or anything or my environment, but00:10:15

Speakerit enables me to have that clean break. Let my mind focus on something else, like young wondering if I’m gonna get the tim horton hockey, kurds that I need this complete my deck right now,00:10:31

Speakerrather than do, I have enough equipment to people in the right place to affect the mission that we’ve just been assigned right. That break helps and too many leaders out there just go from eight to five or six to nine, even amie named p m with00:10:51

Speakerbreaking meeting after meeting email after email phone call for phone call00:10:58

Speakernever stopping to even eat. Now that does not help reduce stress fact. It does the opposite. It actually increases stress so take the brakes. The next way exercise folks just do00:11:18

Speakerit there’s so many leaders out there. When I coach, I asked them about their workout routines there you, what do they like to do to keep active and keep fit, and I know the answer before they even say it, and that is what are you talking about exercise clinically00:11:38

Speakerproven to reduce stress clinically proven to reduce brain fog? You can increase clarity right clinically proven to do so. Many things out there that you as the leader you need. So why don’t you00:11:59

Speakerdo it simple thirty minutes a day is good enough. I’m up at zero five hundred every morning get my workout in. Why, because I know, if I don’t, then I will be more stress than me: love it more agitated that day there are so many issues that pop up just and not, oh, my god00:12:18

Speakergame. When I don’t get my morning. Workout in this helps counter attack them burn out the stress effects of the burden of command and then the final thing which something I don’t know so do. But I’ve read so many amazing articles have spoken. So many leaders of their than that is00:12:39

Speakeris meditate people out there meditation they find it helps focus, helps them cleared or mine helps free to do their stress levels, make them relax and ultimately that’s what you’re trying to do to overcome the burden command is keep relax and keep00:12:57

Speakerlowering your stress levels right now, there’s more to it than just relaxation and getting the stress out. As you know, burden of command, as I talked ways, is take matter. People and taking on their welfare and just simply getting rid of stress, doesn’t help solve problems. So how can00:13:17

Speakerwe go about doing this and for you, mid level leaders out there midst of mid to senior managers out there and junior wants to is funny confident right soon, who’s connor at your level, maybe little bit higher in and depending on the d relationship. You have00:13:37

SpeakerI’ve with your supervisor could be them, but maybe just conflict or someone that you trust- and this is the most important thing it has to be someone who you trust, that you go to and just talk, but the situation talk with the things that are going on at your work00:13:57

Speakerand enable them to bounce ideas off of them and just kind of fanton get your your anger and frustrations. Those wishing you both have the same supervisor and thirst first regions going on them because they’re not supporting you and how you need to support your people based off the situation. That’s00:14:17

Speakergoing on00:14:19

Speakerhaving that coffin, I will naval you to one now feel. Like you’re alone, because often as leaders, we feel like we’re alone were the only one there that can really new know the situation or understand what reality is for never alone. We are never alone with phillip00:14:40

Speakerlong, but we’re never alone. Maybe it at that exact situation. Yes, of course, you’re alone, but there’s always gonna, be people out there that you can lean in on, and this is gummy great offering to mention our facebook group leadership skills for managers who want to be leaders and not bosses right. If you go to move00:15:00

Speakerlooking for leadership, dot, com forward, slash group, it’s gonna bring you directly their felt the law, application and I’ll get you in as quick as possible, but the moral stories. This is that that group provides people place where they can go ahead and ask for ideas and suggestions, and00:15:20

Speakerhe basically a place that is safe for them to throw out there. What’s going on why and to help them overcome that burden of command so find a up find that person or group of people that you can lean on to basically help reduce dust00:15:40

Speakerjust float to act as that sounding board and help you along your journey,00:15:46

Speakerbut then goes scott,00:15:48

SpeakerI’m an executive, I’m the owner. It literally is it just me, or I can’t do that, because there is no one else. If I do that with someone else, then it comes across as weak00:16:04

Speakerto the rest of the members and I could lose my job well. The swear would suggest that you know want maybe it’s time to call professional right, professional counseling, there’s nothing to be ashamed of with that and don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to be an executive or business owner to seek professional counseling.00:16:24

SpeakerIf you feel- or someone mentioned to you- that maybe you should look at that- it is something for anyone and everyone in it has nothing to be ashamed of. I will tell you: I’ve had my time with one and there’s nothing, I’m I’m not ashamed of it cause. You know what it is is just sometimes you locked00:16:44

Speakerthose skills right. You like those skills to deal with a situation. You don’t have someone to go to because of the eric’s. No one has the experience or whatnot00:16:55

Speakerin the professional counselors. Basically, you come those coaches, those guys they help you get through that situation. That’s causing you all the stress and anxiety, that’s making you distracted having mental health issues, causing your your burn out. Reason why I can’t sleep anymore and resume: I don’t eat well and you don’t work out, etc.00:17:15

SpeakerThese people will help you get on the right track, and that is why it’s a great fit for those executives, top level leaders, slash owners, because you feel like you’re alone as colin powell rest in peace colin said hill at the top is a lonely place.00:17:36

SpeakerWell, there are people out there for you right, go and find one that works well with you in your style, and I tell you it will pay you huge dividends moving forward, and that, ladies gentlemen, is how you overcome the burden of command00:17:56

Speakerneed to identify it. I understand that you’re in there you have it. It is not something that’s going to go away, but rather stays around you as a leader you have to be all in and when you go all in the burden of command comes with it, so identify it,00:18:16

Speakeridentify the facts. That’s having on you counter acted by leading yourself and getting this solid, positive, personal routine. In having a coffee shop, it arise a coworker someone who is and close to you so news, you trust dearly.00:18:35

SpeakerAnd finally, if you need to seek that professional help,00:18:41

Speakerour lays dormant. Thank you so much for tuning in and again friday, we’ll be launching yet another episode for you, so that will give us right back on track and getting close to the new year and twenty twenty two. So many great guess already lining my skin.00:19:00

SpeakerYou are occurring schedules already packed and I can’t wait for it00:19:05

Speakerright as always, I’m here for you, if you need me, reach out to me all right I’ll, do what I can until next time later, german member bleed don’t pause, take care.