In 2018, I celebrated my 35th birthday and of those 35 years, I have been exercising leadership for over 20 of them. During my time, I have learned a large number of leadership lessons and decided to do a podcast episode solely dedicated to these lessons.

The lessons have definitely not come easy though. I have made mistakes, I have stumbled, and I have even failed as a leader. But the main difference between being a leader and acting like one is learning from those mistakes. My father taught me that lessons and to this day it is the most important leadership lesson that I have learned. Frankly, it is even beyond this list which I complied. So below you will find them but listen to my explanation of them 

Timestamped Overview

  1. Don’t judge by age
  2. The top doesn’t have to be lonely
  3. Accountability leads to increased morale
  4. Make professional development a priority
  5. Delegation is a super tool
  6. Get away from your desk
  7. Trust immediately
  8. Dream big
  9. The status quo is never an option
  10. Embrace change
  11. Love your people
  12. Be the calming force
  13. Communication is the end all be all
  14. Get or keep fit
  15. Take breaks
  16. Build close relationships
  17. Failures are your fault
  18. Success is because of your people
  19. Focus on what you can change
  20. Make yourself a priority
  21. Recognize the everyday
  22. Be vulnerable
  23. Question down
  24. Answer up
  25. Good leaders retain great people
  26. Not everyone will be happy
  27. Plan to quit
  28. Read more
  29. Explain decisions
  30. Support your peers and boss
  31. Recognize when to pick up tasks
  32. Respect is guaranteed
  33. Trust but verify
  34. Know your strengths and weaknesses
  35. Leadership is for everyone
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