Being the Right Leader at the Right Time | Robert Jordan | Episode 218

Robert Jordan leads InterimExecs, providing access between the best interim and project executives in the world and company owners seeking brilliant leadership on demand. Robert has helped launch, grow and ultimately sell a number of fast growing companies. His first company, Online Access, put him on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. After selling Online Access, the first Internet-coverage magazine in the world, he launched InterimExecs LLC, which works with public and private companies and nonprofit organizations. He is author of How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America and author of the Nightingale Conant audio production, How They Did It: Real World Advice from Today’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs.

Updraft: The Aerodynamics of Great Leadership | Jackie Freedman | Episode 126

Is your business, company, or non-profit struggling to fly? Discover a breathtakingly simple approach to leading any team to greater heights. Is your organization having trouble working as a cohesive team? Are you struggling to lead your employees with so many pieces moving at once? These are all common problems which leaders face on a […]

Wait, I’m the Boss?!? | The Leadership Guy Peter Economy | Episode 117

It happens to all leaders at some point… They become the boss. Sometimes leaders are prepared for their new role, other times they are not. The most important thing is that leaders understand their position, their level of experience, and take action to continuously improve themselves. Sometimes though, a little help is all that is […]

5 Leadership Skills of Effective Leaders | Episode 80

5 Leadership Skills of Effective Leaders | Episode 80

Leaders require all forms of skills in order to be effective. From leading themselves to leading others and their organizations; leaders have no shortage of essential tasks. However, there are some skills which set some leaders a part from the rest – the leader wolf from the pack, sort of speak. Leadership Skills Topics During […]

Surviving the Leader Impostor Syndrome | Episode 76

As leaders we all feel it from time to time; the idea that we do not belong where we are, that we are fakes, frauds, or simply not good enough. The idea of being an impostor can be so ingrained into some individuals that they second guess themselves, make poor or late decisions, and even […]

Raise Your Game with Alan Stein Jr. – Episode 72

As leaders we always need to be looking for ways to improve our performance. We need to be always trying to be better than we were yesterday. It is not easy trying to improve yourself as a leader and sometimes you need help to raise your game. Raising your game is about self-improvement and most […]

Top 5 Leadership Qualities – Episode 71


There are good leaders and then there are great leaders. Often we wonder what separates the good ones from the great. What leadership qualities do these great leader have which in fact makes them great. And finally, how do they employ these qualities to ensure they achieve success for their organization, their team, and themselves. […]

How to Battle Decision Fatigue – Episode 67

How to Battle Decision Fatigue | Episode 67

Decision fatigue effects all leaders at all levels. No matter how much experience you gain as a leader, you cannot avoid decision fatigue completely. It can have an impact on our ability to lead our people and organizations and in the worst-case scenarios it can have consequences at home. How to Battle Decision Fatigue Topics […]

Using Conflict for Good | Nathan Regier | Episode 59

Conflict is ever present. Even reading these podcast show notes could be causing you conflict this very instant. As leaders, we need to know the good, the bad, and the ugly revolving around conflict. Additionally, whilst conflict can be a catalyst for good change, unresolved conflict can cause long-lasting damage to an organization. As a […]