Thirty-five days, 14 hours, and 3 minutes. That’s how long it took Jason Caldwell and the crew of the American Spirit to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean during the perilous 2016 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge—or, as it’s known to those who attempt it, “The World’s Toughest Row.” They not only succeeded but set a world record. This treacherous, man-powered journey required an exceptional team. But it also demanded extraordinary leadership, executed by the type of leader people are willing to risk not just their careers—but their lives—to follow.

Jason Caldwell is the founder of Latitude 35, a leadership training firm that operates around the globe. He works with organizations including Nike,, Columbia Business School, and the Haas School of Business and delivers speaking programs to packed crowds at Fortune 500 companies and universities worldwide. A professional adventure racer, Caldwell currently holds over a dozen world records across five continents. 

Navigating the Impossible Topics

During this interview, Jason and I discuss the following topics:

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