Many of you have said that all the world-renown coaches, authors, and speakers are great but sometimes it is hard to relate to them. Their ideas and methods are sound but do they work? You’ve longed to hear about a real leader, one who is there with you day-in, and day-out. A leader who is not an “expert” but rather a peer to help you understand truly what is achievable. Well today that is exactly who we have.

Jonathan Audet spend over 20 years in the Canadian Army as a full-time officer and now serves in the Primary Reserve Force (part time) as a Commanding Officer while working a full-time job with the Canadian Coast Guard. He’s a leader through and through and I am lucky enough to call him a friend.


During this interview Jonathan and I discuss the following topics:

Guest Resources

Jon has no resources or anything of the kind. But as a member of the Leader Growth Mastermind, even he finds the value in said group.


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