Leadership Lessons From A Naval Fighter Pilot | Rear-Admiral Mike “Nasty” Manazir  | Episode 257

Leadership Lessons From A Naval Fighter Pilot | Rear-Admiral Mike “Nasty” Manazir | Episode 257

Naval fighter pilots are known for their unwavering commitment to excellence, exceptional decision-making skills, and expertise. These top performers offer valuable insights that can be applied in the business world. With decades of experience in stressful situations, they have mastered ten key leadership skills: staying calm under pressure, setting expectations, delegating tasks, building trust, giving feedback, evaluating risk, adapting to change, embracing failure, encouraging innovation, and inspiring others. Despite operating in dangerous and uncertain conditions, Naval fighter pilots consistently perform at the highest level, confidently making life-altering decisions with their expertise.

Cleared Hot to Lead | Lt. Col Brian Slade | Episode 248

Cleared Hot to Lead | Lt. Col Brian Slade | Episode 248

The job of a combat helicopter pilot isn’t just stressful – it’s life-or-death. And the leaders of these highly trained forces don’t take the stress lightly, but instead double down on their commitment and drive those around them to extraordinary performance. The toughest test for any leader is to stay focused under intense pressure, and yet remain humble. They’re able to lead with great clarity and precision, inspiring teams in the heat of battle. It takes poise, courage, and strength of character to do what they do – each day flying into danger with a team by their side.

Leadership from the Trenches | Jonathan Audet | Episode 243

Leadership from the Trenches | Jonathan Audet | Episode 243

Many of you have said that all the world-renown coaches, authors, and speakers are great but sometimes it is hard to relate to them. Their ideas and methods are sound but do they work? You’ve longed to hear about a real leader, one who is there with you day-in, and day-out. A leader who is […]

How Leadership Actually Works | US Navy SEAL Larry Yatch | Episode 230

How Leadership Actually Works | US Navy SEAL Larry Yatch

Larry Yatch is an elite leadership strategist and the creator of the SEAL Success programs, a collection of skills-based training, workshops, and courses that enable high performers to find fulfillment, connect with their teams, and make a sustainable impact in their field. A graduate of the US Naval Academy and former ten-year officer in the […]

Leading like a Woman to the Top | Lieutenant-General (Retired) Christine Whitecross | Episode 209

Christine Whitecross is a Canadian retired lieutenant-general. A graduate of Queen’s University and the Royal Military College of Canada, she has served in Germany, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. Whitecross has twice been named one of Canada’s 100 most-powerful women. She was commandant of the NATO Defense College in Rome. She has been made a commander of the Order of Military Merit, received the Meritorious Service Medal (United States) for service in Afghanistan and the Canadian Meritorious Service Medal for her role as secretary-general of the International Military Sports Council.] Whitecross was the first female three-star general to be appointed in the CAF.

Breaking Ice & Breaking Glass | Vice Admiral Sandy Stosz | Episode 190

Today, our nation is like a ship being tossed in tumultuous seas. The winds and waves of change have divided and distanced our society, threatening to wash away the very principles our nation was founded upon. Now more than ever, our nation needs leaders with the moral courage to stand strong and steady—leaders capable of uniting people in support of a shared purpose by building the trust and respect necessary for organizations and their people to thrive.

Admiral Sandy Stosz started out in the US Coast Guard as an ensign serving aboard polar icebreakers, conducting national security missions from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Her forty-year career was filled with leadership lessons gleaned while breaking ice and breaking glass as the first woman to command an icebreaker on the Great Lakes and to lead a US armed forces service academy. Along the way, Sandy served for 12 years at sea, commanding two ships, and led large Coast Guard organizations during times of crisis and complexity. She finished her career as the first woman assigned as Deputy Commandant for Mission Support, directing one of the Coast Guard’s largest enterprises. She has lectured widely on leadership, and has been featured on CSPAN and other media outlets. In 2012, Newsweek’s “The Daily Beast” named Sandy to their list of 150 Women who Shake the World.

Lead with Clarity like a CIA Officer | Former Senior Intelligence Officer Marc Polymeropoulos | Episode 189

Marc Polymeropoulos retired in June 2019 from the Senior Intelligence Service ranks at the CIA after a  26-year career in operational headquarters and field management assignments covering the Middle East,  Europe, Eurasia, and counter terrorism. He served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and he is one of the  CIA’s most decorated field officers. Marc is the recipient of the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal,  the Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the Intelligence Medal of Merit, and the Intelligence  Commendation medal. His last position was overseeing the CIA’s clandestine operations in Europe and  Eurasia. He is a respected commentator on foreign policy and intelligence matters and is widely quoted in  both the US and international media. 

Setting a Foundation of Leadership Success | Dr. Brent Lacey, M.D. | Episode 157

Like a house needs a solid foundation to weather the age of time; leaders require a solid foundation to ensure that the principles which they based their leadership upon will last beyond their years and into future generations. A solid foundation of leadership is more than about the basics but rather ensuring that the morals, […]

How to have the Leader Mindset to Overcome Adversity | RBC SVP Michael Hamilton | Episode 153

Prior to his private sector career, Mike served as a paratrooper in the special operations, and as Captain of the 2/2 Armored Cavalry Regiment for the U.S. Army. He oversaw border security during the collapse of the Berlin Wall in the late 1980s. In the second Gulf War he was an integral part of the victory in the battle of 73 Easting – regarded as one of the top ten most significant tank battles in history. He is a recipient of the Bronze Star for Valor, the Combat Cavalry Badge, and Presidential Citation; and received medals for the Kuwaiti Liberation, the Iraq Campaign, the Global War on Terrorism, and Distinguished Service.

As Senior Vice President, Sales & Distribution, Mike Hamilton is responsible for leading the RBC Insurance Sales and Distribution team across Canada and across multiple channels. This includes 800 employees who serve our personal and business clients spanning our various life, health, home, auto, travel, wealth, and group and creditor products. RBC Insurance’s sales forces include: a network of over 50 stores, an advice centre, online channels and advisors who are focused on group and small business clients. In addition, there are teams that provide relationship management for our third-party broker network. Mike also leads the national office Sales and Distribution team, consisting of sales enablement and sales support professionals who help drive productivity, revenue growth and improve the client experience.

How to Lead Yourself and OVERCOME | US Navy SEAL Jason Redman | Episode 150

The coronavirus pandemic came from out of the blue and infected hundreds of thousands around the globe, causing more than 1.3 million deaths to date. It also shuttered businesses, affecting 3.3 billion jobs. COVID ambushed the lives of people globally. Whether affected by the pandemic or some other unforeseen and monumental setback, we have to find a way to move beyond anger, guilt, emptiness or pain. We must adopt a mindset that it’s not only possible to overcome adversity, but it’s imperative. Adopting an overcome mindset will compel us to learn acceptance, choose action over inaction and triumph over adversity.