As a leader, it’s all too easy to take decisions without giving them much thought. After all, leaders are all about taking action – and what’s more action-oriented than just making a decision and moving on? The problem is that when you don’t pause to ask yourself “why?”, you miss out on the opportunity to develop greater clarity, creativity and understanding of your own leadership process. Answering the question “why?” helps you think more deeply about any decision you make, enabling you to become a more compassionate, thoughtful leader. It’s time to start asking “why?” – let us explain why it matters so much.

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be launching my new podcast, where we explore what it takes to become a great leader. Each week, we’ll dive deep into different leadership topics and uncover the secrets to becoming an effective and inspiring leader. We’ll cover everything from how to give effective feedback to creating an empowering team culture…. and so much more! So join me each week as I take you on this journey with me – because if you truly want to make a difference in the world, it starts with YOU and your ability to lead!

Timestamped Overview

In the first episode, I go into the following topics surrounding why:

  1. Why I have started this podcast
  2. Why I think I am a good leader
  3. Why, “why” is the most important question to answer
  4. The concept of “Mission Command”
  5. Why you should continue to listen to this podcast
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