In this episode of the Peak Performance Leadership Podcast, Scott McCarthy, the chief leadership officer, delves into the inevitable nature of major transitions and the importance of embracing them as a leader. He emphasizes the necessity of being open and willing to accept change, acknowledging that transitions are not just beneficial, but essential for personal and organizational growth.

Throughout the episode, Scott discusses the significance of major transitions in a leader’s career, highlighting that these transitions often lead to fundamental changes and improvements. He draws on examples from his own experiences and from the world of business, underlining that successful organizations and leaders have all gone through major transitions to move forward. Scott also shares the evolution of his podcast, including its growth from a solo show to an interview show, and now, towards a more focused solo content approach.

Timestamped Overview

In today’s episodes I talk about the following points:

  • 00:01:28 – The Importance of Embracing Change: Scott explains that transitions are not merely about minor changes, but about fundamental shifts that occur in one’s career as a leader. These transitions can bring about fear of the unknown, but ultimately lead to positive outcomes and improvements.

  • 00:02:27 – Defining Transitions and Changes: Scott distinguishes between changes and transitions, emphasizing that while changes focus on improving specific elements, transitions entail fundamental shifts such as changing careers, organizations, or even the focus of a podcast.

  • 00:04:04 – The Necessity of Embracing Transitions: Scott stresses that successful organizations and leaders have all undergone major transitions to move forward. He emphasizes the importance of embracing transitions and the consequences of failing to do so, using real-life examples of organizations that did not successfully transition through significant events.

  • 00:07:34 – Evolving Taglines and Mantras: Scott reflects on the evolution of his podcast’s tagline, underscoring the need for flexibility and adaptation. He highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing the changing needs of the audience, demonstrating consistent growth and learning.

  • 00:10:31 – Podcast Evolution: Scott shares the journey of renaming his podcast and transitioning from a solo show to an interview show, indicating that transitions are essential for growth and development. He discusses the necessity of leveraging listener feedback to ensure that the content remains relevant and valuable.

  • 00:12:52 – Transitioning to Solo Content Focus: Scott announces the upcoming transition towards more focused solo content, attributing this shift to his changing responsibilities at home and the need for balance. He emphasizes his continued commitment to providing valuable leadership content while seeking input from listeners on preferred topics.

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The following is an AI generated transcript which should be used for reference purposes only. It has not been verified or edited to reflect what was actually said in the podcast episode. 


Scott McCarthy [00:00:01]:
Transitions, major changes, they’re just simply inevitable yet so many leaders not only avoid them, but run away from them. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about this week on the peak performance leadership podcast. Are you ready for this? Alright. Let’s do it. Yes. Welcome 1, welcome all to the Peak Performance Leadership Podcast. It is your chief leadership officer, Scott McCarthy, and it’s so great to have you here today just like every day. Let’s be honest.

Scott McCarthy [00:01:28]:
Love having you, the audience, listening in and sending me your thoughts as well as your Thanks and kudos and, god, everything else, it’s fantastic. This tribe of leaders that is growing around the globe. Leaders who want to be actually leaders and not bosses. And with that today, we are going to talk about change, but not just change for the sake of change or a little minor change and, you know, changing the cover of the TPS reports or have you we’re talking about transitions today. And major transitions, you know, those are major changes that occur in your career as a leader. And guess what? They’re good. I will tell you they’re good. Yes.

Scott McCarthy [00:02:27]:
They could be scary. Yes. You may not know what’s around the corner after those transitions, but every person who I talk to. One way or another believe that those transitions were great. You see? There has been a change and a transition is basically a change is, you know, an improvement. Maybe it’s a workplace improvement, maybe it’s a workflow or a process or, you know, As I said earlier, changing the cover of the TPS reports, end of the day, a change is about improving something to get a better outcome. A transition is a fundamental change. Right? When you change jobs.

Scott McCarthy [00:03:21]:
You change organizations that you work for. Those are transitions. Some people go through career transitions where they leave one type of career and go for another one. For example, I got a friend who’s gone through multiple career transitions from being a military officer to an engineer to now a financial planner. Major changes. Those are transitions. And talking on the podcast today is that we as leaders need to embrace these transitions. We need to actually grab a hold to them and move forward.

Scott McCarthy [00:04:04]:
Why? Because tell me an organization that has been successful, a leader that has been successful without a transition in their lifespan, whether that is the person or the organization. And, you know, I’m basically pausing right now, and I’m hearing nothing because there is no one out there. There is no organization out there that has not gone through major transitions in order to move forward. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. If you’re not learning, you’re becoming useless. If If you’re not changing and evolving, you’re not keeping up with the times. You’re not keeping up with the needs of the organizations. Organizations who failed at the 2008 financial crisis, organizations that failed with the millennials entering their workforce, and organizations who have failed to take on the COVID nineteen pandemic have all failed.

Scott McCarthy [00:05:18]:
Why? Their inability to transition through these major milestone events. K. The 2008 financial crisis, they were unable to transition their business in order to attract customers and retain customers so that people believe that their goods and or services were crucial. Those companies who were unable to trans with the money workforce out there could not understand the needs, desires, and wants of this new player in the workforce. Right? Those companies that are unable to understand and transition through the global pandemic of COVID nineteen are now the ones that are completely and utterly suffering through the great resignation. See, these major changes, these transitions are the ones that help you get through to the other side of whatever it is that you’re faced with. Heck. Moving forward, leadership has gone through transitions.

Scott McCarthy [00:06:32]:
If you’re crazy like Sean out there who is a member of our leader growth mastermind and has downloaded the entire back catalog of the podcast. Sean, wow. Congrats to you. Yeah. Wow. Anyway, Sean is going to hear these transitions. And I’m not talking about, oh, my audio upgrade when I went from a very cheap CAD microphone to a better, ATR 21 100 USB microphone to now my professional setup that I have here. No.

Scott McCarthy [00:07:08]:
No. No. Those are changes. Those are improvements. He is going to hear the transitions of my tagline, for example. It started off as Lead don’t manage. And then at one point, I realized that, you know what? As I learned and grew as a leader, as a podcaster, that no. No.

Scott McCarthy [00:07:34]:
We do need management skills, And we do need managers to lead because sometimes, the leaders management skills aren’t the best, but that’s where you offset your weaknesses with someone else’s strengths. So if the message is for Everyone to be a leader and known to be managers, could pose a problem, I realized. So then I said, okay. Let’s transition. Let’s go to Lead don’t follow. And I ran with that for a while. And Sean’s probably up around that point. And right now, you come to realization that, well, if I state lead don’t follow, what I’m trying to tell people is Don’t be a follower, but be a leader.

Scott McCarthy [00:08:21]:
But if everyone is leader, then who are the followers? We need followers out there just as much as we need leaders. Some people are just not cut out to be a leader, and that’s okay. That’s alright. We need those people. We need those people who show up day in, day out and say, okay. What’s my task today? Great. Got it. Thanks, boss.

Scott McCarthy [00:08:42]:
And I’m on it. Those hard workers that just wanna show up, do a great job, and go home and don’t want the headaches and the stresses and the privilege of leading, and that is totally cool. So I transitioned one more time to lead. Dump boss. Right? And now I firmly believe that this is where we’re staying at for the tagline. Is that it is the mantra of moving forward leadership and peak performance leadership, which I’ll get to in a second. It is the mantra. Why? Because that tells people that we, You as a leader, you need to be a leader and not a horrible, horrific, egotistical, narcissistic boss, and no one will disagree with me at is not a good thing, that there are flaws there.

Scott McCarthy [00:09:46]:
Alright. But let’s just double back for a second in that. You know? I’ve done other transitions with moving forward leadership, and the podcast itself was originally named moving forward leadership. But I realized after a while that the brand of my company and the podcast were completely linked, but There was something with the show that was a little bit different. You know? We focus on the 3 domains, which is what I do with my coaching business. But here at the podcast, we’re really focused on, you know, hitting those peak performance so that you as the leader can achieve great results. So I transitioned yet again. I changed the name of the show.

Scott McCarthy [00:10:31]:
Didn’t change the name of the business. And ultimately, now we are set. But those aren’t the only changes. Transitions, shall I say, actually, in that the show started off as just a solo show. But then as I got more comfortable with podcasting and realizing not only that it was an outlet, but a place for me to grow and learn my So I transitioned the show so that it became an interview show, a completely and utterly major drastic change. You see, transitions are good. They’re needed. You as a leader have to embrace them and be open and willing to accept them and look at them as they come up.

Scott McCarthy [00:11:28]:
And I’m using this episode today to inform you of yet another transition that is coming to the peak performance leadership podcast. And, no, it’s not stopping. Hells no. But the transition that is upcoming is the return towards a more focused solo show. You see, just like the podcast, my life is transitioning to More responsibilities at home, more responsibilities with my kids as they grow older. Right? Needing to balance my work, wife, Schedule plus the show and everything that goes with it, I’ve come to realization I need to transition and scale back interviews and focus more on solo content for you, the leader. And with that, what I’ll tell you is It’s gonna be different than what it was if you’re like Sean and you’ve been listening from episode 1. Now I am going to be leveraging you, the listeners out there, to make sure that the content I am bringing is the content that you want to hear by asking you specifically what types of topics you want to learn about because my Learning will not cease.

Scott McCarthy [00:12:52]:
And the best way to learn something is go and teach it, and that is what we do here at the Peak Performance Leadership Podcast. Now does that mean interviews are dead? Heck no. But what I’m saying is you’re gonna get a bit more flavor from Scott and a little bit less flavor from everyone else out there. And you know what? I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Do you? A lot of you listeners out there tell me you want to hear more about thoughts. You want to hear what I have to say regarding leadership situations and scenarios and different ideologies and how to tackle certain problems and so on and so forth. Why? Because I bring a lot to the plate. 21 years military service, plus this podcast, plus everything else I’d done in my life.

Scott McCarthy [00:13:45]:
I’m not trying to, you know, get my head blown up here or anything, but those are the realities and that’s why you’ve come to the show. So you as the leader, you if you’re ready to transition, congratulations. You’re here and you are doing so because this is what it’s about. Leadership is not a start, stop type of activity. It is endless journey, and that journey has its peaks and it has its valleys. But just like a great stock chart, the general trend is upwards and moving forward in a positive direction. So, ladies and gentlemen, that is all about embracing transition as a leader. Don’t run away from it.

Scott McCarthy [00:14:37]:
Don’t be scared of it. Open a door. Turn on the light. Walk into that room and see what is on the other side because If you don’t, you’ll always wonder what if. And if you do, I guarantee you at some point in the end, you will never regret it. That is today’s episode. And as always, lead dump