Leaders across the world and all industries find themselves in a very similar situation – employee shortages due to the “Great Resignation.” The Great Resignation is the ongoing phenomenon where large numbers of employees have been leaving their jobs in search of other opportunities or life changes. But why is this happening in the first place and how can leaders mitigate it to protect their organizations. That is what we are investigating today. 

Why the Great Resignation?

When the Global COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, it caused a large number of people to either be laid off from their job, furloughed, or forced to work from home. This was coupled with the ever increasing “This Great Resignation is due to employees rethinking what work means to them in a post-pandemic world.” NPR explains that this “Great Resignation” is due to employees reevaluating what work means to them, how they are valued by employers, and how they spend the majority of their time.

Timestamped Overview

In this solo episode I talk about the following topics:

  • What the Great Resignation is
  • Why psychological Safety is important
  • How to establish connection with your team
  • Why workplace wellbeing is important
  • How to address burnout
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