LIFTing your Leadership in 2023 | Faisal Hoque | Episode 247

LIFTing your Leadership in 2023 | Faisal Hoque | Episode 247

In a world roiled by unprecedented change, effective leadership is becoming even more essential. No single approach will provide the ultimate solution to the challenges that change poses. Rather, it will be a confluence of ideas, strategies, and actions that will prove effective in managing and making the most of sweeping change. The world that existed yesterday will be decidedly different from that of tomorrow. It will take a complete and adaptable toolkit to cope effectively with that ongoing cycle of reinvention.

Embracing Transitions as a Leader | Episode 215

The word transition often gets leaders scared. Just like changes some people run away from them while others embrace them. Transitions are not simply just changes but rather major fundamental changes. Which can truly scare people. However, in order to be successful in an ever-changing world, we need to embrace transitions and seek them out. […]

Why Digital Transformations Fail | Tony Saldanha | Episode 102

Digital transformation is more important than ever now that we’re in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the lines between the physical, digital, and biological worlds are becoming ever more blurred. But fully 70 percent of digital transformations fail. Tony Saldanha, a globally awarded industry thought-leader who led operations around the world and major digital changes […]

Leading Change with Jen McFarland – Episode 66

Change is ever present. If you are not changing, then you are not growing and if you are not growing then you are dying. In order to lead successful organizations, we as leaders need to master the art of change management. This is where my guest Jen McFarland is an expert in. Jen McFarland is […]