What many organization leaders fail to understand is that you can’t simply transplant a competitor’s talent strategy and achieve the same results—just as you can’t take plants suited to a warm climate and expect them to thrive in chillier locales. The conditions are too different. But a company that takes the time to examine its own environment, select talent accordingly, and nurture its people will stand tall, regardless of economic conditions. 

Meet Roberta

Roberta Chinsky Matuson is the CEO of Matuson Consulting, a top management-consulting firm established 20 years ago that has helped organizations of all kinds- General Motors, Microsoft, Best Buy, LinkedIn, and many others-achieve dramatic growth and market leadership through maximizing talent. She was named a 2018 LinkedIn Top Voice in Management and Workplace and has an excellent relationship with MentorBox as well as with getAbstract, which has a huge reach in the corporate-learning market. She is quoted regularly in the business and general consumer press (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Working Woman, etc.) as well as online (MSNBC, Monster, NPR, etc.) and broadcast media (Fox Business News, CNN, CBS’s Early Show, etc.).

Timestamped Overview

During this conversation, Roberta and I discuss the following topics:

  • The inspiration for her book
  • The leadership lessons which she learned as a young HR executive
  • How leaders can find the right people for their organization
  • Why hiring is not a HR function
  • Why it is important for organizations to develop their people internally

Guest Resources

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