In today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, leaders are often confronted with unexpected challenges and opportunities that can significantly impact their professional and personal lives. Navigating these transitions while maintaining peak performance across various domains of leadership—self, team, and organization—requires not only strategic planning but also adaptability and effective communication. In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of managing major changes, such as job transitions, relocations, and balancing multiple responsibilities. Exploring practical insights and strategies, this discussion emphasizes the importance of prioritization, resilience, and seizing opportunities amidst challenges. Whether you’re leading a large organization or managing a small team, understanding how to effectively maneuver through periods of transition is crucial for sustaining growth and achieving long-term success. Join us as we uncover essential lessons on leadership during times of change, offering a roadmap to help leaders thrive even in the most demanding situations. 

Timestamped Overview

  • 00:00:01 – 00:00:39: Introduction and Mic Check – Scott begins the episode with a live mic check, setting the stage for his much-awaited return. It’s a familiar and personal touch that instantly reconnects him with his audience.
  • 00:00:39 – 00:01:37: Welcome and Podcast Mission – Scott welcomes all listeners back to the Peak Performance Leadership Podcast. He briefly touches upon the podcast’s mission to help leaders excel in leading themselves, their teams, and their organizations, drawing from both his military experience and interactions with premier guests.
  • 00:01:37 – 00:02:21: A Message from Your Chief Leadership Officer – Scott acknowledges his absence and admits to a leadership shortcoming: not communicating effectively about his break. He reassures his audience that his return is marked by exciting updates and improvements.
  • 00:02:21 – 00:03:27: What’s Transpired: Personal and Professional Changes – Scott reveals significant changes in his life, both on the personal and professional fronts. He explains how these changes have impacted his ability to produce content consistently.
  • 00:03:27 – 00:06:04: Professional Updates: Job Change as Senior Canadian Army Officer – Scott dives into his job transition within the Canadian army, where he is now the commanding officer of Canada’s largest supply depot. He shares the complexities of balancing two roles, one new and one previous, while also dealing with remote working challenges.
  • 00:06:04 – 00:07:22: Personal Updates: Moving to a New House – Scott provides insights into his recent move to a newly built house. This move, though exciting, has been time-consuming and added another layer of complexity to his already busy schedule.
  • 00:07:22 – 00:10:57: New Office Space and Long-Term Plans – Scott is thrilled to share details about his new office space dedicated to the podcast. He discusses how this new setup will provide more opportunities to focus on creating high-quality content without disturbing his family.
  • 00:10:57 – 00:11:57: Upcoming Changes and Time Management – Scott talks about his forthcoming transition to working in Montreal full-time during the week, which will ironically provide him with more time to focus on the podcast and his community during evenings.
  • 00:11:57 – 00:13:05: Expanded Content and Community Engagement Plans – Scott outlines his ambitious plans for expanding the Peak Performance Leadership Podcast. He reveals the potential for increasing the frequency of podcast episodes and adding more live video content to the Facebook group, along with enhancing the newsletter.
  • 00:13:05 – 00:14:25: Priority of Quality Over Quantity – Scott reassures listeners that although there will be more content, he will maintain a strong focus on quality. Initial steps include restarting podcast interviews and repurposing live videos for audio listeners.
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The following is an AI generated transcript which should be used for reference purposes only. It has not been verified or edited to reflect what was actually said in the podcast episode. 


Scott McCarthy [00:00:01]:
Test test. 1, 2. Mic check. Mic check. Normally, that’s what I do before I hit record, but today, I did it while recording. Why? To show you that, yes, I am back back from the break, back recording, and back helping you, most importantly, be the best leader you’ve meant to be. Where I’ve been, what’s going on, and what’s coming up? That’s what’s on today’s episode. Are you ready for this? Alright.

Scott McCarthy [00:00:39]:
Let’s do it. Welcome 1. Welcome all to the Peak Performance Leadership Podcast, a weekly podcast series dedicated to helping you hit peak performance across the three domains of leadership. Those being leading yourself, leading your team, and leading your organization. This podcast couples my 20 years of military experience as a senior Canadian army officer with world class guests bringing you the most complete podcast of leadership going. And for more, feel free to check out our website at movingforwardleadershippedot com. And with that, let’s get to the show. Yes.

Scott McCarthy [00:01:37]:
Thank you all for tuning in. It is your chief leadership officer, Scott McCarthy, back, back behind the microphone recording. So I know I got a lot of explaining to do. I kind of fell off the map and disappeared there for for a while now. And I promise you it’s for all good reasons. It was upcoming, but I did execute 1 leadership failure. I should have communicated better to you. But nonetheless, here I am now communicating to you about what’s transpired, why it did, what’s upcoming in the whole moving forward leadership ecosystem.

Scott McCarthy [00:02:21]:
So let’s start off with the first things first. What’s transpired? And folks, I’m going to tell you there’s a lot of changes that has occurred in my life, both personally and professionally. And that is what has really put a wrench into production for the podcast, for the moving forward leadership ecosystem. Because I’ll remind you, I do this on my own time. This is a side hustle for me, side gig for me, a passion project. Call it what you will, but I don’t do this full time unlike many other podcasters out there. So when things get chaotically busy, we do what us leaders do, and I prioritize. And, unfortunately, I had to take a break from the podcast and from the ecosystem per se, and even the group in our mastermind community, the leader growth mastermind, those fantastic people.

Scott McCarthy [00:03:27]:
You know, thank you for your understanding and support through this transitional period. So let’s dive into what has happened. So let’s go on the professional front first. And the professional front is that I change jobs. And, okay, that’s not really a big thing mostly most of the time. Like, people change jobs all the time. My job change came quickly and without much notice. So for those who remember and recall, by day, I serve as a senior Canadian army officer.

Scott McCarthy [00:04:08]:
So what transpired was that I got what we refer to as post it early into a new role. And my new role is I’m the now commanding officer of Canada, effectively Canada’s largest supply depot. So think of a major, like, Amazon distribution center type thing. I’m effectively the CEO of that. So that kinda key I knew it was coming, but it came at me faster than what was anticipated and expected. I have been and continually still am working 2 jobs for the army right now. So I still am holding on to my old position, kinda keeping it the doors, you know, on or lights on. Sorry.

Scott McCarthy [00:04:59]:
Keeping the ship afloat until the new person comes in and takes it over. Can’t wait to hear from or see you, Isabelle. But, you know, kind of doing that. In the interim, I’m also learning this whole new role, learning the operations. And did I mention that new roles in Montreal? So it’s 3 hours down the road from where I live, which adds a huge another both professional and personal complexity because, well, it’s 3 hours away. Now that being said, I am working from home right now in this role, but from time to time, I do have to go up and do work there. So it’s added a huge layer of complexity to leading a brand new team, being remote, not and then occasionally being in person and so forth. So that is what has gone on on the professional front.

Scott McCarthy [00:06:04]:
This new role, super excited about. It’s a role I’ve always wanted my whole career, to be the commanding officer or CEO in regular person speak, of a unit of an organization, to be leading that absolutely massive operation, something like 9 buildings or 13,000,000 annual operating or operating budget, managing assets over $4,000,000,000 worth, like just massive, but most importantly, almost 200 people’s lives that I have to take care of, lead, and, you know, move together in the right direction. So that’s going on in the professional front. To add in on the personal front, more complexity is that I moved. Welcome from the new headquarters of moving forward leadership. We my wife and I built a new house, and we just moved in like less than 2 weeks ago. So I’m in boxes. There are stuff boxes everywhere.

Scott McCarthy [00:07:22]:
There is actually even work left to be done on the house that I unfortunately have to do, such as like yesterday, building, installing closet kits. My office floor doesn’t have the final flooring down yet. But I’m here and I’m mostly set up and I have my own office. Finally, my own space for this. And if you didn’t realize in the past, my wife and I in our old house, we shared an office area. So her desk was literally behind my desk. So if you see in the live videos and such, you would see her set up behind me. No longer is that the case.

Scott McCarthy [00:08:09]:
Moving forward, leadership has its own recruiting recording studio recruiting studio as well, I guess. I have my own space to work, set things up. I am so excited because this is gonna give me so much more opportunities. Because in the old office, it was an open area, so it was hard to really do recordings, especially at nighttime because, again, I do this on my own time. And, also, it was, like, in next to my 2 boys’ rooms. Now this office is on the complete opposite end of the house. It is in the basement away from everyone. Even got some sound deadening insulation in the walls to help with the sound, so people don’t hear me podcasting or interviewing or doing lives while they’re doing their things like watching TV or sleeping.

Scott McCarthy [00:09:02]:
So the moral story is I now have this capability which I didn’t have before to be able to record, video, edit, do whatever I need to do in my own space and not basically bother anyone else in my family. It’s amazing. I’m so excited because that is now giving me so much more opportunity for you. But of course, it takes time to move. If you moved ever, you realize it takes a lot of time. And there’s it’s just a brand new house, so there’s a lot of work that has to go into it. And by brand new, I mean, like, literally brand new. We built it not ourselves, but we had, obviously, a contract to build it for us.

Scott McCarthy [00:09:43]:
I did do some of the work, though. Okay. Well, story is that I’m in a new house. We’re settling in, but it is eating up, like, a lot of my time. And if you listen to the podcast for any length of time, you know, like, I enjoy working out. It’s part of my morning routine. I don’t even have my gym set up yet because I don’t need to. I’m exhausted by the end of every day because I’m just constantly doing manual labor around this place.

Scott McCarthy [00:10:10]:
Emptying boxes, moving boxes, installing things, setting things up. It takes time. And not to mention, I want to enjoy my time with my family because the ability to, be with them every single day is coming to an end. So as I mentioned, this new role in move, or in the army, I should say, is in Montreal. And the expectation for me is that come mid August, I will be in Montreal full time during the week. Now, Jeremy graciously provides accommodations for me, so I don’t need to worry about that. I got my own place up there, but I will be away from my family during the week. Now that is a challenge.

Scott McCarthy [00:10:57]:
But with every challenge, there is opportunity. So the opportunity for this within this situation, me being away from my family during the week is that now I have even more time to focus on moving forward leadership. You, the podcast, the Facebook group, the leader growth mastermind, win to win coaching. This is why I kinda put everything on hold. Haven’t been doing interviews, lately at all and you’re gonna see a number of weekly solo episodes. We will kick interview show back off again. But I’m waiting to get through this hump in the next 6 weeks of getting in Montreal and then taking advantage of the evening time being able to focus in on the podcast and focus in on moving forward leadership as a whole and provide much more value to you. That’s the opportunity.

Scott McCarthy [00:11:57]:
And that’s the opportunity I’m going to seize. I mentioned there’s a couple other things. Not ready to, let you know full details, but but there’s a couple other things that are hinting around the corner this time as well that this is going to give me the opportunity to do. So what does it mean, folks? What are we doing from here on out? It means I have more capability, more time, more opportunity to give you more. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. K? The leader growth mastermind, we’re gonna be looking at expanding weekly calls to 2 a week now. We’re sitting at 1, but I’m going to go out there and and put a poll out and see if there’s interest And if it’s just the timing and date that doesn’t allow for it, we’re going to basically add a second call that maybe the timing works better for you. We’re going to add in weekly live videos into our free Facebook group.

Scott McCarthy [00:13:05]:
Why? Because to bring you more. K? And then we’re gonna convert those into podcast episodes. So not only will you get a weekly interview podcast episode, but you’re gonna get a weekly individual podcast episode 2. So we’re gonna look at potentially increasing the number of podcast episodes from 1 a week to potentially anywhere up to 2, maybe 3, if not 4 a week because of the ability to focus in on and give you that amount of time. We are going to ramp up our email marketing. Not our marketing per se, but our email newsletter. Refine it, go through it again, and make sure that it makes sense and that’s the content you want. Okay? And that is going to happen as well.

Scott McCarthy [00:13:56]:
So these are all things are they happening? Boom. First thing in August. God, no. Please, you know, quality over quantity. So I’m gonna be bringing out one thing at a time. Alright? So resetting. The the low hanging fruit will be resetting the podcast, getting the interviews back flowing again. After that will be the live videos in the free Facebook group, which we will convert to podcast episodes as well for those who rather listen to it, not watch it.

Scott McCarthy [00:14:25]:
All right, to give you this access to the content in many forms, okay? And after that, we’ll start prioritizing. So moving forward, mind the pun, is going to be much more. Much more for you, much more, content available for you as well as quality stuff. So that’s what’s been going on, ladies and gentlemen. That’s where we’re at. That’s why we got to where we were. Again, thank you for your patience. Thank you for your understanding, and I can’t wait to bring new things to you for the future.

Scott McCarthy [00:15:08]:
That’s it for now. We will be back next week I promise members always lead don’t boss take care now And that’s a wrap for this episode, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting the Peak Performance Leadership podcast. But you know what you could do to truly support the podcast? And, no, that’s not leaving a rating and review. It’s simply helping a friend, and that is helping a friend by sharing this episode with them if you think this would resonate with them and help them elevate their performance level, whether that’s within themselves, their teams, or their organization. So do that. Help me, help a friend win win all around, and hey, you look like a great friend at the same time.

Scott McCarthy [00:16:00]:
So just hit that little share button on your app, and then feel free to fire this episode to anyone that you feel would benefit from it. Finally, there’s always more. There’s always more lessons around being the highest performing leader that you can possibly be, whether that’s for yourself, your team, or your organization. So why don’t you subscribe? Subscribe to the show via movingforwardleadership.comforward/subscribe. And until next time, we eat. Don’t boss. And thanks for coming out. Take care now.