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Getting Past a Dysfunctional Workplace | Paul Glover

Paul is the No B.S. Workplace Development Coach who, for the last 30 years, has been assisting Leaders and their organizations to achieve their full potential. His approach is practical, hands-on, grounded in the realities of the real world of work and results oriented – all undertaken with a sense of humor and panache. He is also a “recovering trial lawyer”, a Chicago Bears fanatic, an unabashed Starbucks addict, the author of WorkQuake™, a book dedicated to thriving in the Information Economy and a Member of the Forbes Coaching Council.


During this interview Paul and I discuss the following topics:

  • Why a team becomes dysfunctional in the first place
  • What is holding leaders back from transitioning to a new generation of leaders
  • How to enable your teams to become self-organizing teams
  • Why psychological safety is important for teams
  • How to build relationships with your team members


Be sure to such out Paul’s resources via the following links:

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