Engagement and culture are two aspects which followers yearn for within any organization. They want to feel like they belong in the organization, that the organization understands them as an individual, and that they feel connected with their organization at the core level. Yet too many organizations out there couldn’t care less about this aspects.

David has been teaching leaders to be more effective since 1989. For 20 years, he learned from the very best as an officer in the US Army. He has been on the faculty teaching leadership and lean systems at Stetson University, the Defense Acquisition University, the University of Kentucky, and the Ohio State University. David has also taught in the Executive Education program at Penn State University. Now he teaches organizations how to obliterate obstacles, accelerate innovation, and elevate performance by teaching leaders how to love, learn, and let go. Leaders who apply these lessons achieve higher productivity, higher profitability, and higher professionalism as they build great workplaces.


During this interview David and I discuss the following topics:

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