Building a Positive and Productive Workplace Culture | Marc Lesser  | Episode 256

Building a Positive and Productive Workplace Culture | Marc Lesser | Episode 256

On this episode of Peak Performance Leadership, we explore the damaging effects of blame in the workplace and how to create a culture of collaboration and accountability. Our guest speaker shares his favorite exercise for improving team effectiveness and discusses the importance of creating a safe and trusting environment to avoid the “fine, everything’s fine” response. We dive into the overlap of culture and character building, the importance of self-awareness, and the damaging nature of blame and defensiveness. Join us for this insightful discussion on how to achieve peak performance through compassion and accountability in the workplace.

Developing a Social Purpose in Your Organization | Carolyn Butler-Madden | Episode 224

Developing a Social Purpose in Your Organization | Carolyn Butler-Madden

Social purpose in business has become increasingly important for employee engagement and customer retention, yet many leaders still struggle to understand what it means for their business. So, how can defining your purpose help you grow a profitable business that people love? Sharing inspiration from organizations such as Intrepid Travel, Patagonia, Unilever and PayPal, Butler-Madden explores the intrinsic connection between the two things that drive successful purpose-led businesses: Love (of people, planet and humanity – the raw emotion behind purpose) and Money (profit and commercial success). When purpose drives profit, it offers the ability to be ambitious in the change you seek to create over the long term. Meanwhile you build a meaningful business for everyone involved; you attract invested employees, customers, and investors; and you build trust, the currency of a valued business.

Carolyn Butler-Madden is inspired by a future where business is a force for good and brands drive profit through purpose. Her mission is to make social purpose a vital part of business in Australia and beyond. She does this through speaking, writing and consulting, and advising small, medium and large organizations. Her first book, Path To Purpose, was Australia’s first on cause marketing. Carolyn’s 30-year international marketing career includes 18 years as an agency owner, working with some of the world’s best brands.

Creating a Powerful Strategy in Uncertain Times | Rosie Yeo | Episode 223

Creating a Powerful Strategy in Uncertain Times | Rosie Yeo

Good leaders know that strategy is vital when it comes to organizational longevity, but it’s not always easy to come up with fresh ideas needed for success, let alone bring them to life. Uncertainty about the future, the pressure of competition and risk aversion saps confidence and enthusiasm and produces timid templates for maintaining the status quo. There’s a better way.

Creating a Culture of Opportunity | Mark Monchek | Episode 222

Creating a Culture of Opportunity | Mark Monchek

Mark Monchek  is the Founder and Chief Opportunity Officer of Opportunity Lab, a strategy consulting firm focused on helping businesses thrive through disruption. He is the author of the Amazon nonfiction bestseller “Culture of Opportunity: How to Grow Your Business in an Age of Disruption”. Mark has worked with leaders from Google, Apple, JPMorgan Chase, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Adorama, TerraCycle, Feltsberg, The New York Times, Wharton School of Business, New York University, Columbia University, NBC, Time Warner, and the United Nations. Mark has a passion for empowering conscious leaders to build great companies that make a difference in the world. Through his strategy, he discovers and develops opportunities that merge profitability with sustainable growth, creating organizations that are more conscious, making life better for their customers, employees and communities.

Show up, Speak up, and Inspire Action | Heather Hansen | Episode 221

Show up, Speak up, and Inspire Action | Heather Hansen

Heather is an outspoken advocate for global voices. She raises awareness around microinequities related to language and accent in international teams and helps companies build UNMUTED communication cultures where every voice is heard. Her 2018 TEDx talk titled 2 Billion Voices: How to speak bad English perfectly  has had over 150,000 views and is used by university professors and English language specialists throughout the world in their own teachings.

Heather’s views on global communication have been featured in national media outlets across the globe: National Public Radio (NPR) in the USA, ABC Radio National in Australia, and multiple print and radio outlets in Singapore, including The Straits Times and CNA 938 (93.8 FM). She often appears on global podcasts and webinars

Make Work FUN & Get It Done | Bob Nelson and Mario Tamayo | Episode 193

As bleary-eyed workers return to “normal life” back at the office, many are questioning what their new work life will look like. Leaders now face a dilemma: How do we keep our people—and attract new talent? The answer, according to two acclaimed human resources and performance experts, is deceptively simple. Have more fun. Work” and “fun” have historically been considered polar opposites of each other. But a quick look under the hood of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in America list reveals an undeniable fact: 81% of surveyed employees say the best companies are all fun places to work. Deloitte has gone so far as to label the 2020s as “The Era of Workplace Fun.”

BOB NELSON, PH.D., president of Nelson Motivation Inc., is the world’s leading authority on employee recognition and engagement. He’s worked with 80% of Fortune 500 companies, is a Senior Fellow for the Conference Board, a top thought leader for the Best Practice Institute, and was named a top-five management guru by Global Gurus. Fondly known as “Dr. Bob,” he has authored over 30 books on employee motivation and engagement, which have collectively sold over 5 million copies and been translated into more than 30 languages. 

MARIO TAMAYO is a principal with Tamayo Group Inc., a no-nonsense consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational performance. He has more than 30 years of experience in maximizing human performance, working with organizations such as Genentech, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Petco, General Dynamics, and the U.S. Men’s Olympic Volleyball team. 

Lead with Clarity like a CIA Officer | Former Senior Intelligence Officer Marc Polymeropoulos | Episode 189

Marc Polymeropoulos retired in June 2019 from the Senior Intelligence Service ranks at the CIA after a  26-year career in operational headquarters and field management assignments covering the Middle East,  Europe, Eurasia, and counter terrorism. He served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and he is one of the  CIA’s most decorated field officers. Marc is the recipient of the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal,  the Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the Intelligence Medal of Merit, and the Intelligence  Commendation medal. His last position was overseeing the CIA’s clandestine operations in Europe and  Eurasia. He is a respected commentator on foreign policy and intelligence matters and is widely quoted in  both the US and international media. 

Change your Culture, Change Your Results | Fiona Robertson | Episode 182

Most leaders don’t know what organisational culture is. They know it’s the defining factor in performance, but are unsure how to identify or change it, despite the profound impact it has on every single aspect of the organisation. Culture is the rules of belonging. Change those rules and you’ll change your culture. Change your culture […]

The Coach’s Way to Leadership | Lynn Guerin | Episode 181

If America were an NCAA basketball team, we’d be looking at a 0-32 season. Employees are missing crucial shots as job worries spike to levels we haven’t seen in years. Our co-workers and communities have split into politically polarized shirts vs. skins, and as a result, we’re fouling out and fumbling mission-critical assists. The answer, say authors Lynn Guerin and Jason Lavin, is to unify our teams like legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden did. Wooden wasn’t only a record-breaking coach who won 38 straight NCAA tournaments and 10 championships in 12 short years. He was a beloved mentor and teacher, and his lessons are more relevant today than ever.

Lynn Guerin is CEO of The John R. Wooden Course and president and “Head Coach” of his family-owned coaching, training, and performance development firm, Guerin Marketing Services. For the past 20 years, he has had the unique privilege of partnering with legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden and the Wooden family.