Rehumanize Your Business | BombBomb CMO Stephen Pacinelli | Episode 83

We’re more connected on the job than ever before. Text communication, now instant and global, means we’re no longer constrained by time and distance. But as a result, our professional relationships and personal well-being have suffered. Despite the adage, business is personal. Yet communication has become fixed and faceless, easily misinterpreted, mismanaged, or altogether missed. […]

Using Conflict for Good | Nathan Regier | Episode 59

Conflict is ever present. Even reading these podcast show notes could be causing you conflict this very instant. As leaders, we need to know the good, the bad, and the ugly revolving around conflict. Additionally, whilst conflict can be a catalyst for good change, unresolved conflict can cause long-lasting damage to an organization. As a […]

Lessons from a Younger Leader | George Penyak | Episode 30

Age is often related to leadership; however, just because someone is older does not mean that they are a better leader. Millennials today are slowly taking over the workforce for their creativity, drive, imagination. My guest in this episode, George Penyak, is just that. Despite being the youngest member of his sales team, he is […]

Crisis! | Episode 2

Let’s face it, no matter how well you plan, prepare and execute – a crisis will happen one day. And when it does, don’t be caught off guard! Good preparation and forethought can help prevent a potentially catastrophic situation from spiraling out of control. Being aware of the different types of crises that may occur, […]