How to Lead with Numbers | Dr. Selena Fisk | Episode 233

How to Lead with Numbers | Dr. Selena Fisk

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business owner, an emerging leader or in an executive leadership role, life in the 21st century dictates that you need to know your numbers and use them to enhance your impact. Increasingly, executives and board members around the world are held personally responsible for knowing the data – meaning […]

Never Go With Your Gut | Dr. Gleb Tsipursky | Episode 98

Decision making is the task which leaders are tasked with the most during their day. Unfortunately most leaders are not trained how to properly make decision and therefore end up simply “going with their gut” and not necessarily making an informed decision. Thus, as a leaders you should never go with your gut but learn […]

Problem Solving through Cracked It | Corey Phelps | Episode 81

Problem Solving Through CrackedIt | Corey Phelps | Episode 81

Problems and decisions. Those are two things which chew up the majority of a leader’s time. Essentially as leaders our raison d’etre is to solve problems and make decisions; however, sometimes we just do not have the experience necessary to ensure that we have made the right decision for the situation. That’s why sometimes a […]

How to Battle Decision Fatigue | Episode 67

How to Battle Decision Fatigue | Episode 67

Decision fatigue effects all leaders at all levels. No matter how much experience you gain as a leader, you cannot avoid decision fatigue completely. It can have an impact on our ability to lead our people and organizations and in the worst-case scenarios it can have consequences at home. Timestamped Overview During this solo episode […]

Leading with your Mind | Silk Celia | Episode 55

Decision making is a cornerstone of leadership. Decisions are why leaders exist… decisions day in day out. To be an effective leader, your decision-making skills must be top-tier. Decisions, however, are tied to your mind and how you think. If you are able to maximize your mental strength through the use of your unconscious mind then decisions […]

Making Effective Decisions | Michael Schaffer | Episode 23

Leading people is by far the biggest time drain of leadership. However, in the end you are leader because you the decision making authority within your organization. Leaders often freeze at decision making, they can’t seem to grasp that this is a core responsibility of their job. It does not have to be that way […]