At one time or another we’ve all had a bad boss – whether it’s through bullying and intimidation, unfair feedback or unrealistic workloads. Their behaviour sets the tone for what’s acceptable at work and can cause major issues for productivity, staff turnover and wellbeing, especially in turbulent times we’re experiencing. In a tough or toxic work environment, how can we find harmony with those we work with? 

Meet Michelle

Michelle is on a mission to bring a little joy back into the workplace, after all she is the expert. Speaking internationally about better ways to lead, she is in high demand as an innovative keynote speaker, advisor and executive mentor of choice, with her best-selling books a must-have for employees and managers alike. The key to her success is working with people through three lenses; as an individual, a leader, and in their wider role (and influence) within their organization. Tapping into each of these facets, she brings self-awareness to the forefront, empowering people to work with those around them in a way that is productive, healthy and happy. It’s not rocket science – when you are at your best it inspires others to do the same and harnessed together this translates to profitable and beneficial outcomes for all.

Timestamped Overview

During this interview, Michelle and I discuss the following topics:

  • Her background and story
  • The 4 types of bosses and how to deal with them
  • The 7 step guide to dealing with a bad boss
  • What to do if you’re a bad boss
  • The bad habits that impact the way your boss treats you

Guest Resources

If you are interested in learning more about Michelle’s resources be sure to check out the following links:

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