Organizations are paying the price in many ways — absenteeism, reduced production and quality levels, complaints, poor morale surveys, and recruiting costs. Leaders need to learn how to get their workforce engaged, get them to offer discretionary effort, and in the process bring extra value to the organization. If they don’t, their company isn’t reaping the benefits of their innate talents and strengths.

Laura Prisc is a leadership expert and the author of Conscious Leadership: Are Your Leaders Wide Awake? For over 20 years she has worked extensively with executives and managers in a diverse range of industries. Prisc’s clients have included large organizations such as Toyota, Dow Chemical, Constellium, SimEx, PrimeLending, Tree Top, and Northwestern Mutual. She is a John Maxwell-certified coach, teacher, and speaker; a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach; a certified People Acuity coach, as well as a certified human behavioral specialist. Prisc has taught the concept of transformational leadership to citizens, law enforcement, and business leaders in Paraguay and Guatemala. 


During this interview, Laura and I discuss the following topics:

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