The Life-Saving Skill of Story | Michelle Auerbach | Episode 146


Michelle Auerbach is in the business of saving lives and increasing bravery. When things fall apart, Michelle is the world builder and a community maker who uses all her geeky skills to transform what we’ve got to work with into a more just and loving place where more people get taken care of better. She holds an MFA in prose writing from Naropa University and is completing her PhD in Transformational Leadership with her dissertation on story as a technology for trauma aware change for individuals, organizations, and communities. 

Michelle solves problems and creates change through story across diverse contexts. She works with businesses on change management, leadership, and creativity through story. She works with communities on creating social good, connection and working across difference through story. She coaches and teaches individuals through workshops, trainings, and one-on-one explorations. She writes for the New York Times, The London Guardian, and is the author of three books: Resilience: the Life Saving Skill of Story, Alice Modern, and The third Kind of Horse.

Why Storytelling Matters | Executive Coach Tom Henschel | Episode 111

Human beings have been telling stories since our existence. The ability to tell an effective story is essential in conveying messages, developing subordinates, and connecting with everyone you come in touch with. Yet so many leaders simply suck at telling stories and have no idea why storytelling matters. Meet Tom Tom Henschel is an expert […]