How to Hire a 5 Star Candidate | Heenle Turner  | Episode 252

How to Hire a 5 Star Candidate | Heenle Turner | Episode 252

It’s no secret that companies today are struggling to secure top-tier talent. With the current labor shortage, competition for high-caliber candidates is at an all-time high, leaving recruiters looking for new ways to attract and retain the best of the best. However, finding and hiring 5 star candidates isn’t as difficult as it may seem. With the right strategy and determination, recruiters can still identify, engage with, and hire outstanding talent — even in a competitive hiring market. By knowing exactly what kind of qualities you’re looking for in a candidate and leveraging the right recruitment strategies, you can discover the stars of tomorrow and secure the perfect hire.

Are You the Leader in the Arena? | Episode 232

In this episode I go solo and talk about three different types of leaders found in the world: The Boss The Imposter The Leader I discuss these three but ask you “are you the leader in the arena?” This is an adjusted passage from Theodore Roosevelt’s speech “Citizenship In A Republic” with this specific paragraph […]

We the Leader | Jeff Spahn | Episode 213

Jeffrey Spahn is the founder and president of Leading Leaders Inc. For more than 20 years he has coached, researched and analyzed top business and their teams. Jeff’s journey into innovative leadership was sparked by experiences of collective zone or flow as a high school and collegiate athlete. His business degree from the University of […]