Leadership is a Journey and NOT a Destination | Episode 225

Leadership is a Journey and NOT a Destination

Recently I saw an add that someone said that they would turn you from a follower to a leader in 90 days or less! I was absolutely floored, irate, and embarrassed as a coach! This ideology means that leadership is a destination. That it has a start and end point. Which, yes I will agree that at some point you started leading and at some point you’ll stop leading, but that was not the meaning of this message. Rather that within a specific period of time you can become a leader and say that’s all folks! I’ve made it so I can stop trying now. THIS IS WRONG!

Through this episode, I get a little ranty, a bit fired up. It’s likely different than anything you’ve heard from me to date. But I am passionate to say that leadership is a journey. We must continue to develop, evolve, learn and grow as leaders to remain effective. That is why, leadership is a journey and not a destination. Enjoy!