Leading with a Twist | Dominique Mas | Episode 118

One day we will all be replaced as leaders with younger talent who is emerging from our wake. However, first we need to find this talent, retain it, and grow it so that it becomes the model which we are looking for. Sometimes it is easy, other times it tough and requires not just leadership […]

People over Process | Michael K. Levine | Episode 103

Today’s leaders face a situation no one imagined fifty years ago: getting a hundred or more people to assemble complex and abstract ideas into an invisible, effective decision-making machine. The key is focusing on people, not process. Agile software development is transforming how businesses run. But too many leaders are in the dark when it […]

Success Quest Podcast

Success Quest Podcast

I had the honour of being interviewed on the SuccessQuest podcast. From their show notes we discuss the following topics: In this episode we dive DEEP into how to improve our leadership skills! Scott has been in the military from the moment he was graduating high school. Having served 18 years in the military he […]

Rehumanize Your Business | BombBomb CMO Stephen Pacinelli | Episode 83

We’re more connected on the job than ever before. Text communication, now instant and global, means we’re no longer constrained by time and distance. But as a result, our professional relationships and personal well-being have suffered. Despite the adage, business is personal. Yet communication has become fixed and faceless, easily misinterpreted, mismanaged, or altogether missed. […]

Badass Agile Podcast

Badass Agile Podcast

http://media.blubrry.com/badassagile/content.blubrry.com/badassagile/Badass_Conversations_-_Agility_and_Leadership_in_the_Field_of_Battle_with_Scott_McCarthy.mp3 I had the joy of being interviewed on Chris Williams’ Badass Agile podcast recently! Here is what he had to say on his landing page: This week, I interview Scott McCarthy of Moving Forward Leadership. Scott is a leader in the Canadian Armed Forces, and also runs his own leadership consultancy and podcast. In […]

Lead a Badass Agile Organization | Chris Williams | Episode 63

Change, it is the ever consent in our world. Since forever, the world has been changing. Organizations are no different. Organizations at times need to be steady like an rock and others they need to be adaptive and nimble like a cat. This is where “agile” comes into play. Agile allows organizations to change, morph, […]