Communication is the skill which many leaders and even organizations struggle with. Communication is what makes or breaks teams in terms of achieving peak performance or now. Despite a complex issue, there are three different common mistakes which leaders make when it comes to communicating with their teams.

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In this episode I discuss the following topics:

  • Why communication is so important
  • Three different common break-downs
  • How to fix these problems and stop doing them now
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The following is an AI generated transcript which should be used for reference purposes only. It has not been verified or edited to reflect what was actually said in the podcast episode. 



The following is an AI generated transcript for reference purposes only.

Today, on episode, one ninety, four of the peak performance of leadership podcast, I go solo again, I’m going to talk to you about the common communication mishaps and how you can fix them. That’s right! Folks! It’s all been sixth with communication today. Are you ready for this all right? Let’s do it!00:01:13

SpeakerYes, it is your chief leadership officer, scott mccarthy,00:01:18

Speakerand welcome to yet another podcast episode. It’s so good to have you here and this your first time tuning in it’s good to have you as well. If you’re listen this real time, we are the first of december crazy to think holiday, season’s right around the corner from us,00:01:38

Speakerbut none the less00:01:40

Speakertoday we’re gonna be talking about girl communication and it seems like there’s a lot of issues around communication. I want to discuss a few of the common ones. I’m going to give you folks actual tips on how you can solve some00:02:00

Speakercommunication problems that you may be facing in your organization, but before we dive into those things I want to let you know I talked about this before and unfortunately had to put a pause on it, but I’m telling you it is coming in from the core00:02:20

Speakerhonor, and that is our leadership. Growth mastermind! That’s right! It’s going to be a growth master, mind group, which is can be all about helping you develop your leadership skills and we’re going to be honing in on the three domains across the board, as well as runaways00:02:40

Speakerleveraging the experience. That’s gonna come out of this group and heck. You are going to build to get to interact with me, scott mccarthy,00:02:51

Speakerone on one in a group setting or force right, so we’ll be actually getting together. Vs zoom in discussing the common issues that we have across the board as leaders and looking to not talk about them, but get solutions to move forward for yourself00:03:11

Speakeroff your team and your organization currently building out the curriculum right. Now it’s going to be fantastic program, so if you go to moving for leadership, dot, com, force, loss, leader, hyphen growth- and you need to put that- u r, l in because you’re actually not gonna it the website. It’s only for listening00:03:31

Speakerof the pot cast as well as those members who are part of the master, the not the mastermind, but rather the facebook group, and for not member of the facebook group. You can just go to moving poor leadership, dot com forward, slash group and you build get straight in, but none the less.00:03:51

SpeakerThis mastermind is going to be here for you to help. You elevate your game as a leader, I’m so excited to get this off the ground just be more information coming,00:04:03

Speakerbut again you can sign up for our mailing list at moving forward leadership, dot, com forward, slash00:04:10


Speakersorry, that is the wrong url, and you know what let’s have some fun, because it is the first since december. The actual url is moving for lucia dot com forward, slash00:04:24

Speakerleader, hyphen growth, and that is actually going to get you to where you can sign up for the that mailing list and I’ll. Let you know when were live are so let’s get to the goods. Let’s get to what we’re here to talk vote today, and that is communication, and this came up because00:04:44

Speakerin the facebook group there was a lot of chat about communication and communication breakdown with people in their teams. It and people just having a hard time, and I wanted to understand why this was happening from their standpoint. But, more importantly, why00:05:04

Speakeror what I should say people can do to alleviate the problem. In fact, you know help solve the problem. Now is this going to solve one hundred percent of your communication problems tomorrow,00:05:20

Speakerunfortunately know, however, that being said, it is a start point communication, like anything in life, that’s worthwhile. It takes time and when teams have poor communication, it’s going to take a lotta time and effort on your part00:05:41

Speakerto really get that communication at that high peak level and I’ll tell you you want to go after this. Why not and not? Does it help you manage your day and not get stressed out and not have to be really repeat00:06:00

Speakerin yourself or fixing mistakes and the constant basis now not thought without all the reality is teams and organizations who have a great culture around communication and their people communicate effectively and efficiently. Third, and what the hippy00:06:21

Speakerperforms third high performing teams and organizations, third ones that are doing top and outputs being innovative. Why? Because the people are constantly working together with bitcoin core00:06:40

Speakera tribute and that’s trust right. They trust each other teams that effectively communicate they trusted each other. So that’s how a dive into how you as the leader can assure that your team is communicating and we’re going to start off with this with00:07:00

Speakerhow you can make sure that you’re communication with your team is effective and that’s what we’re really talking about today00:07:09

Speakeraren’t so. First off you want, you want to make sure, is that you’re available00:07:15

Speakerfor your team members, so a lot of breakdowns,00:07:20

Speakerah in communication, is that team members feel like or believe that there’s reader their supervisor is not available for them. I have one supported who’s talking to me once about a former leader who would walk in shut their door at the beginning of the00:07:40

Speakerthey closed themselves, completely off the dresses team and then not leave their office until the end of the day, never really coming out to talk to visit their team members, never having your door open to be inviting further team members, never have young keeping an ear open to what’s going on out in00:08:00

Speakerthe elder team area, just completely and utterly closing their door and sealing themselves off now. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes we need to do that sometimes are working on something sensitive. Sometimes we just need to have no distractions while,00:08:20

Speakerwhile we’re working on a project or file whenever heavy, I totally understand hundred percent agree with you, but that has to be the exception vice the rule, if you’re rule is that you show up, and you close your door in your seal yourself off then you’re, not enabling communication00:08:40

Speakerbetween yourself and your team, so00:08:44

Speakerhave failed bill. The for your people to be able to come and talk to you come in see you- and I’ve talked about this so many times on the podcast, no centrally getting out of your office on a regular basis and talking to your team, especially if you’re done00:09:04

Speakerdispersed across multiple different locations or you have people on different floors of the same building, etc. You have to get out of your office and talk to them00:09:15

Speakernow, if you’re working, we’re still in covert and you’re working disperse remotely, you know what that means, then having those calls with them,00:09:25

Speakersometimes one on one or, if the group with them, so that you have these conversations with your team members. You have to show them that you are available for them. Another great way to fix this availability problem is to schedule too00:09:45

Speakertime right. We are really good at scheduling team meetings. When a team gets together, we do updates and talk about irc projects or giving status updates, or what have you, but us also take advantage of those times to bond00:10:06

Speakerteams that who’s going to show them that you’re available to them can schedule time the team as a whole schedule time with your team members individually and show them that you were available to them and, finally, let them know that you are available to them. Enabled them shit00:10:26

Speakertell them that they can come and, more importantly, tell them that you’ll reserve judgment. If they’re coming just bounce ideas off them, you’re young, you reserve your expectations if you’re, enabling them just to come to talk to you about an issue. I said that is a veil building.00:10:47

SpeakerThe second communication breakdown air that I see with leaders out. There is listening00:10:57

Speakerand are in the building as leader, sometimes to actually listen to our people and listen to what they have to say now. This is super important, because what happens is is that we, as lee00:11:17

Speakerleaders being neon predominantly alpha types, a type personalities, the ones with the solutions, the ones with the answers. We merely go to respond mode. When someone comes and talks to us00:11:33

Speakervice actually listening to understand, and in order to get your team to operate at it’s peak, you need to listen to understand. So how do we go about doing that? We need to leave our expectations at the door. We can00:11:53

Speakercan not00:11:55

Speakergo into a conversation with expectations in an agenda. Someone says hey. I need to talk to your boss about this project, or this problem do not immediately go to solution mode.00:12:09

SpeakerFac. Try to keep your head is clear as possible.00:12:14

SpeakerAnother great way to ensure that were actually listening is a technique that I like the referred to as the mirroring technique. So mirroring technique00:12:25

Speakeris a way to ask questions or make statements that either wine and gets your people to open up more about a particular topic or two. It gets them to confirm back to you that you actually understand, and you can use this with them as well.00:12:45

SpeakerSo let’s do two different examples on the mirroring technique shower. If you want them to open up00:12:55

Speakerto you about something so that you can fully understand their thoughts and feelings around that problem simply state what they just said back to you in form of a question so swore it comes up to you go. Ah, these tps reports are useless.00:13:15

SpeakerYes, you will go. Oh those tps reports are useless and they turn and they would just unleash on you about. Why did tps reports are useless? The us just mirroring ticking makes them feel seen heard validated, okay00:13:35

Speakerand in turn you are actually not responding to their what they’re saying, but rather your digging deeper into their core problem. Someone who responds would have simply said those tps reports are important. You know they provide valuable information back to00:13:55

Speakersenior leadership,00:13:57

Speakerwhich might be true, but you need to understand why the person thinks were useless in the first place.00:14:06

SpeakerMaybe it’s actually redundant report that you’re not actually understanding. Maybe the senior leadership doesn’t know that it’s uses your report as it gets terror level. So this is why it’s important. So that’s example. One of mirroring example, too, of marriage is how you00:14:26

Speakergo bout actually repeating back to that person what they said, but in your own words, so in this example of keep going with tps reports example, so the person says yeah they’re useless00:14:42

Speakerthe useless, because the information in them is actually done it in the system. The senior ministry for system could actually go and get the exact same information with three clicks of a mouse, but stead here we are wasting hours of her time manually inputting this information on a weekly basis into excel,00:15:02

Speakerah spreadsheet, which turns around and gets thrown out after thirty seconds being briefed to the senior leadership at their weekly board me.00:15:11

SpeakerAnd then you return go okay. So, if I understand you properly, the information is already in the system, so were actually doing double the work for the same output,00:15:25

Speakerand if we actually got word of the tps report, we we still get the same information with just a couple clicks of a mouse from a particular in person or persons in the organization. You see that mirrored back to them and you can get your people.00:15:43

SpeakerYou can do that to your people too. So, if you’re to them and you’re giving them guidance or direction, you can actually say hey. So after all this, I just want to make sure we’re both on the same page. Can you just your feedback, mean your own words, what we just discussed00:15:59

Speakerand that enables them now too yo enables you to confirm that they actually understood, and then it also reese solidifies in their brain. The conversation that you had teaching is actually the best way to learn something because you00:16:19

Speakerdo it twice, and this is the exact same concept00:16:25

Speakerand now the final thing that I find that is common across leaders of their. Why communication breakdown is there’s a lack of psychological safety within the team or the organization, and this comes from my conversation with the00:16:45


Speakertim clark and timber, the book on it, the four stages of psychological safety. In course, you can check that out at moving for leadership, dot com and then just chug in search for tim clark, you’re gonna find that the episode there anyway tim talks about how they’re different forth your basically for00:17:07

Speakerstages of psychological safety. I e how someone feel safe to be part of the team to the point of someone being safe to challenge the status quo and why decisions are made or what decisions are being made and so on so forth.00:17:22


Speakerif you do not allow people if the environment doesn’t allow for that challenger aspect to me, a communication breakdown, because people don’t feel like they’re safe to bring up the issues or communicate with you in a way00:17:44

Speakeras effective, because they’re scared of the repercussions for scared of getting their hands lap, losing their jobs,00:17:52

Speakerbeam, reprimand, losing promotions, etc.00:17:58

SpeakerSo we need to develop a culture that and evils psychological safety. In honeyed, go about doing that, it’s one losing your ego to being humble and embracing community in three00:18:16

Speakerjust getting rid of expectations and judgments when it’s right to do so,00:18:23

Speakerking, obviously people or not00:18:26

Speakermeeting the mark not performing the way that they’re supposed to perform. Then there’s expectations evolved in there, for what I mean is back to that availability thing as an example of people, don’t feel safe to come to you, because, as soon as they walk in and say, hey boss, like our problem, your meeting00:18:46

Speakerbeing judgmental of them like they can handle this. Yet again, my expectation is that you can handle anything given to you right. So you’re availability automatically goes down because they don’t feel safe to bring it to you. Therefore, regardless if your door is actually open or close, it doesn’t matter00:19:06

Speakeras they won’t come to see you in the first place to in order to create a psychological, safe environment where people can freely communicate and talk with her frustrations and talk about the problems that they’re having and look for solutions you need to drop. Your ego need to be humble, but wholesome00:19:27

Speakerimportantly, need to lose those expectations and judgments of people so that he can bring these issues forward our folks, those is three different communication breakdowns again that is, availability, whether you’re, actually listening and then00:19:47

Speakerthe third one about having a psychological, safe firearm it. I can’t thank you all literally across the world, for tuning into this podcast- is so great to have you tuning in on a weekly basis, and I can’t wait00:20:07

Speakergoing with twenty twenty two. There are so many great things in store is just gory fantastic games, stoked I’m energized for this year. I hope you are too, as always, lays german led, don’t boss until next time take care.