How to Lead with Numbers | Dr. Selena Fisk | Episode 233

How to Lead with Numbers | Dr. Selena Fisk

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business owner, an emerging leader or in an executive leadership role, life in the 21st century dictates that you need to know your numbers and use them to enhance your impact. Increasingly, executives and board members around the world are held personally responsible for knowing the data – meaning […]

Using Data in Decision Making | Kevin Hanegan | Episode 228

Using Data in Decision Making | Kevin Hanegan

Kevin is a senior leader who likes to use data and analytics to transform, innovate, and continuously improve organizations to make them the best they can be. His passion is the intersection of business, technology, learning, and psychology. Kevin believes the world is constantly evolving and we should always be evolving and improving ourselves in business and in our personal life. Through many years of working in a variety of businesses and industries, Kevin has been able to leverage technology and psychology, along with data and analytics, to improve organizational performance and transform businesses into high performing organizations. Kevin frequently speaks and writes on topics of data-informed decision making, the future of learning, and growth mindset.