Age is often looked at as a sign of experience and competence. However, leadership is more complex than simply age. Younger leaders definitely face more complex challenges than their older counterparts. Additionally, the ability to form high-performing teams is challenged.

However, not all is bad. Younger leaders can bring their assets to move their organization forward. Like anything, there are simple tactics which can help you as a younger leader to excel.

Timestamped Overview

During this episode I discuss the following topics:

  • The immediate fear of being a younger leader
  • 5 tips to be successful as a younger leader:
  • Respect
  • Listen
  • Communicate
  • Double-down
  • Remember that you are a leader
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The following is an AI generated transcript which should be used for reference purposes only. It has not been verified or edited to reflect what was actually said in the podcast episode. 


On episode, one seventy one of the people for leadership podcast, I return from a long hiatus of solo episodes to talk to you about how you can leave as the young leader. That’s right, folks, it’s all but motivating inspiring. Those are older than you today. I ready for this all right.00:00:20

SpeakerLet’s do it00:00:29

Speakerwelcome one! Welcome all to the peak performance leadership podcast, a weekly podcast series dedicated to helping new hit peak performance across the three domains of leadership, those being leading yourself leading your team aim. Reading your organization, this podcast couple,00:00:47

Speakermy twenty years of military experience as a senior canadian army officer with world class, guess bring you the most complete podcast of your ship, going in for more feel free to check out our website at moving forward leadership, dot com00:01:04

Speakerwith that, let’s get to the show.00:01:15

SpeakerYes, it is so good to be back so of that is I don’t if you’ve been listen to show for a long time or like scott? What are you talk about? You do your bun days. Yes, I do my monday leadership minutes which irc quick rod dirty to two point, as I see00:01:33

Speakerin the introduction, but I just felt like getting behind a microphone and reconnecting with you the audience, because sometimes I just want my ideas, things that I am thinking, but in a larger scale, bigger than what monday leadership minute is big00:01:53

Speakerand designed for. So that’s why I’m here today00:02:00

Speakerin today’s topic, came up in our free facebook group first off, if you’re, not a part of the free facebook group, why not one it’s free00:02:12

Speakertwo is awesome and three you get to connect with close to twenty five hundred other leaders out there now00:02:22

Speakeryou’re, probably thinking scott great another leadership, free leadership community where people are just being spammed me just reposted posting the same old means in quotes and inspirational sayings and no one’s actually. Having conversations to that, I would say wrong wrong and guess what rock00:02:42

Speakerwrong. In fact, I don’t let any of that happen in the group. The group is solely designed for having legit conversations are brown leadership, and why were here just like? Why do this show week? In week out, so, if you’re, not a her of the group, go to00:03:02

Speakertwo moving forward leadership, dot, com forward, slash group and join and come talk to me, talk to other guests have been on the show, talk to other leaders from a little late round the globe and let’s get you moving in the right direction today,00:03:22

Speakerand the reason why mention the group is because this topic came up there,00:03:29

Speakerso I decided to hey. Why don’t I talk about it because it is a topic which is near and dear to my heart. I am a young leader.00:03:41

SpeakerI am well below the average age of people at my rank level. Now, if this is your first time listening to the show than you probably don’t know what I mean by that, and that is by day I’m a senior canadian army officer, I’m been in charge for it. Two hundred member00:04:01

Speakerthere’s, I will be in charge more hundreds of people. In probably a couple years I I’m currently taking over a new job, my new rank of lieutenant colonel. I am in charge of both thirty people with a lot more responsibility than in the past, so that is I’m talking about,00:04:21

Speakerbut as a lieutenant colonel, I am young. I mean variance in fact of my unit of boat and twelve of my peers. I am by far the youngest, so00:04:37

Speakerthat is not to gloat or pat myself on the back, but rather for you to young leader out there. Who’s listening to the show is for me to say I understand your pain points, your frustrations, I understand where you’re coming from, because sometimes it can feel like00:04:58

Speakeryou just can’t win as a young leader. Kind of deck is already stacked against you, because you don’t have the experience. You’ll have the time in, don’t have this, you don’t have that on the credibility, etc, etc, etc.00:05:14

SpeakerToday’s episode is to tell you that all matter00:05:20

Speakeror how to mitigate it and actually turn around so that you can use it to your advantage, and I remember when I was brand new. Just finished military college arrived at my first unit. I mean twenty three year olds.00:05:40

SpeakerScott has a new mentally. Second of ten, who is it commissioned officer00:05:47

Speakerand I’m ever in a room, and I was there and there for a warrant officer, so warrant officer is a senior noncommissioned member. So technically I was higher ranked in them00:05:59

Speakerand one of them said. Look that another said have any.00:06:04

SpeakerShe said twenty five and then he start going around or like twenty eight thirty. Twenty six now said numbers like that,00:06:13

Speakera clue into what they were saying at the time, but they’re saying was how many years of service they had and then he looked in those held. Are you against her io twenty three00:06:29

Speakersort of point that he was making? Thank you vance, should you be listening00:06:35

Speakeris that they have more years of service than I had of life?00:06:44

SpeakerLet me say it again: they have more years of service than I had of life yeah I was going to be in charge of them. I was going to be you leading them so alive. He was a. How do you lead a person when they have more time?00:07:03

SpeakerI mean more experience than you have of life. So here are my five tips00:07:12

Speakerfor leading being a young leader being successful young leader00:07:19

Speakertip number one in the come, no surprise, if even listen to the show for a while- and that is respect you have to show all your people respect, especially those are older than you.00:07:36

SpeakerYou have to respect their experience, they’ve gone through things, which, obviously you have not they’ve seen things which you have not they’ve gone through cycles, recessions, ups, downs grows, shrinkage is or reductions were,00:07:56

Speakercan ill pick a term role. The story is, they have seen a lot and, if gone through a lot with their experience, to have to respect that that matters to them.00:08:13

SpeakerWhen someone says I’ve been here before this is when you have to shut up00:08:21

Speakerunless it came to you have to respect their experience00:08:28

Speakeralso need to respect their ideas, because a lot of them have great ideas. Your people have great ideas, regardless of their younger or older.00:08:42

SpeakerVery just older than you date still have ideas on how work should be done, how the police should operate, how the culture should look like how the organization should be structured, how the reader should present themselves to the organization cetera et cetera, et cetera.00:09:01

SpeakerYou have to respect their ideas. Does that mean you have t listen to them? I eat implement them, know where you need to respect them, because respecting their ideas tells them their opinion matters. Their experience, matters00:09:21

Speakeruse their ideas matter to you, the reader and then in turn was that say it means they matter to you and then they’re going to form a connection with you as a leader00:09:39

Speakerin the final bit about respect, is that you have to respect that some are simply set in their ways. Some do not want change, especially the very older readers00:09:54

Speakermemorize talking to my aunt’s husband right around the time he retired and cartographers retirement, and the reason why I retired and reason why he retired was that they were going to change his job grow and change how he did his business. His work there change system, their own choice,00:10:15

Speakersources, etc, etc, etc,00:10:18

Speakerand he said this is simply not for me thanks. I understand I respect that. However, I’m just don’t have it in me to go through this change, so I’m going to honorably he’ll retire, not drive my heels right thing. By going to retire00:10:38

Speakerin recognizing. That is not my time anymore00:10:41

Speakerand see. Some people are simply set in their ways when people switch when to get to that life point,00:10:48

Speakerthey don’t wanna change, because change is very difficult for them, and they’re just ready for war00:10:54

Speakeryeah, taking it easy and relaxing and being in their groove and all these other aspects they don’t want to rock the vote’s. We have to respect that summer set in their ways and that if you go ahead and start rocking know essentially their boat the world, they may do what my my aunt,00:11:15

Speakermy husband, did and quit or retire crime. So that is your first tip. Make sure you respect your employees, which is like the golden rule of leadership.00:11:30

SpeakerIt’s deftly on the cornerstones of leadership. Respect. The next thing is, you need to listen to the young leader show up ready to change the world in just how they see it and how they see00:11:50

Speakerif young solving the company’s problems going forward.00:11:55

SpeakerUnfortunately, they don’t take any time to listen to their employees, and let me tell you all her employees will identify problems he immediately,00:12:08

Speakerso one of my jobs was as former squadron commander in charge of two hundred military and some civilian personnel, and during my god take over I years I took over command and I was walking around and talking to our members,00:12:25

SpeakerI met one employee and for forty five minutes. He let me know about his problems. You see00:12:37

Speakerolder employees, don’t care they’re, just too tired to sick of basically the status quo when there’s issues and they’ll, let you know right away00:12:50

Speakerso as a younger leader, it behooves you to listen to what they said. Listen to the problems that they’re having with their work day in day out there too tired to annoyed to keep doing it. This way they want these problems fixed. So that’s why00:13:10

Speakeryou need to basically listen and it behooves you to just simply: listen, don’t go in trying to provide suggestions from fix it right away, listen to what they have to say because they’re going to which is next. For this tell you what hasn’t y00:13:30

Speakerworked, but already00:13:33

Speakermurmur they’ve been there while they’ve done this before it’s not their first rodeo, so they’d know why hasn’t worked and they’re going to follow up with what you got it ideas there are followed up with ideas on how to fix the problems that they have deaf but see. They’ve already got00:13:53

Speakerit laid out for you,00:13:55

Speakerand I find a problem identifying think reasons why previous fixes haven’t worked and they’re gonna. Give you what it is that you, as the leader, need to do to fix their problems. So again, folks listen to what they have to say,00:14:17

Speakerthe next00:14:19

Speakertip for you00:14:22

Speakernumber three communicate and if you listen to show any point in time, you know that this is00:14:31

Speakernot really a shocker right, but you need to communicate in a way which day I understand your world is not the same as their world,00:14:40

Speakerso you need to communicate in that way. That handler stand and it’s gonna take a lot of trial and error. A lot of practice, eventually that you will get certain by communicating, is going to show them that you’re listening, it’s going to show them that you care. Why?00:15:00

SpeakerWhat they think and when you do that, then you come across as genuine someone who actually cares what people and what they do on a day to day basis. You will not come across as that young whippersnappers who thinks they have all the great ideas is going to change the world and00:15:20

Speakerdude on their own. Well, guess what you can’t, so you won’t like communicating to them. So I explaining them. What’s going on reasons for your decisions, why things are the way they are why you are listened to me, maybe p00:15:40

Speakerparts of their advice and not parts of their advice, because sometimes you want you make other decisions, then one day arab, providing00:15:52

Speakerregardless they deserve to know. What’s going on in your head, so as a leader, you need to communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate,00:16:04

Speakerand that was tip number three.00:16:07

SpeakerYour fourth tip, as a young leader to basically be successful,00:16:13

Speakeris to doubled down on what strengths you bring to the team. You bring a loss drinks as a new younger leader. You bring a lot of strength to that team. Just like your older folks bring a loss drinks to the team as well.00:16:33

SpeakerFirst one being your drive and00:16:38

Speakerbasically driver for innovation, lot of us younger leaders want to innovate. We want to change the world who want to make the place better place to be a better place to work a better community to you achieve peak performance. New air solves our team’s organization, who won00:16:58

Speakerto go after all that she would double down on that. You show them that you’re working on making this a better place to be00:17:09

Speakerso with all this drive. All this in more enthusiasm and motivation in new ready to grip and run with innovation need to double down on that, and that’s where you’re going to get lotta wins and people are going to see that you are just not talking the talk, but rather your wife00:17:29

Speakerwalking the walk00:17:31

Speakerand then finally tip number five remember you are in charge. Age is just a number. You are the leader, and that means you’re going to have to make some tough decisions, you’re going to have to make calls which you want00:17:51

Speakereveryone’s going to agree about in the ultimate factors that not every one, despite being older than you will be more mature than you will have the same capability as you. But you know matt matter. What would you lead with intention and ten00:18:11

Speakergurdy and reese back?00:18:15

SpeakerThey will follow you, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what you strive to do and become, and those are your five tips on how to be a successful young leader. Again,00:18:29

Speakerthey are00:18:32

Speakerrespect spect. Your people always listen to what they have to say, communicate what you’re thinking double down on your strengths and remember, you are the leader, that’s it for this week last job. I hope you enjoy00:18:51

Speakervoid. The solo show cause. It just feels good to be back behind a microphone. Just me talking to you just you know, guest for more than just five minutes. So thanks, let me know what you think: you’ll love. This is something you want more of and less of00:19:12

Speakerthe interviews hey. We can always change, but I can’t do it without your feedback. So again you should be about social media drop. A line in the facebook group referred there or simply shoot me an email at scott at moving forward leadership, dotcom because I’ll answer it because00:19:32

Speakeryeah, I even checked my spam mail. It that’s it!00:19:36

SpeakerThat’s it for me, hope you enjoy the show and members always lead. Don’t boss00:19:42

Speakercatch you next week.00:19:54

SpeakerThat’s a wrap for this episode latest gentlemen. Thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting the peak performance leadership podcast, but you want. You could do to truly support the podcast and no that’s not leaving a rating and review it simply helping a friend, and then00:20:10

Speakerit is helping a friend by sharing this episode with them. If you think this would resonate with them and help them elevate their performance level, whether that’s within themselves, their teens or their organization, to do that help me help a friend win, win all round and hey. You look like a girl00:20:31

Speakerat the same time, so just hit that little share button on your app and then feel free through far this episode to anyone that you feel would benefit from it.00:20:44

SpeakerFinally, there’s always more there’s always more lessons around being the highest performing reader that you can possibly be, whether that’s for yourself, your team for your rise nation. So why don’t you subscribe subscribe to the show, via moving forward leadership, dot com forward, slash subscribe,00:21:04

Speakertil next time we don’t boss00:21:07

Speakerand thanks from take care now.